Phrases and Idioms

Kim Soo Han Moo Geo Bukgi Wa Doo Roo Mi Sam Cheon Gab Sa Dong Bang Sark Chi Chi Ka Po Sa Ri Sa Ri Sen Ta Weo Ri Weo Ri Se BBu Ri Ka Moo Doo Sel La Goo Roomi Heo Ri Kae In Dam Byeo Rak Seo Sang Won eh Go Yang ee Ba Du Ki Neun Dol Dol ee… (click here for a full explanation of this rhyme)

If you’ve seen K-Dramas, listened to interviews, or watched your favorite group’s own reality show, then most likely you’ve heard a strange phrase inserted somewhere. That, my friends, is called an idiom. And Koreans sure do like their idioms.

If you don’t know what an idiom is, then take these for examples: “The apple never falls too far from the tree” or “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. Idioms are typically a string of words phrased together to form a short sentence with a double (usually hidden) meaning. An example of a popular Korean idiom would be 가려운 곳을 긁어 주다 (galyeoun gos-eul geulg-eo juda), literally meaning “you scratch where it itches”, but translates to “that’s exactly what I need”.

So, if you need help with some common and simple phrases, then we’re here to help you!  Take your time, look around, and as always, don’t forget to share the K-Pop love! ❤

Enjoy! (:

– “What does that mean?”

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