Kim Bum Profile

Name: Kim Bum

Birth Name: Kim Sang Bum

Profession: Actor, Model, Singer

Birthday: July 7, 1989

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Star Sign: Cancer

Blood Type: O

Family: Younger sister, brother, cousin (singer Jini)

Education: Central University – Theater and Movies

Hobby/Specialty: Singing, football

Debut: 2006 KBS Survival Star Audition

Dramas/TV Shows:

Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats (jTBC, 2011)

The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (MBC, 2010)

High Kick Through The Roof (MBC, 2009) – cameo

Dream (SBS, 2009)

Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009)

East of Eden (MBC, 2008)

Unstoppable High Kick (MBC, 2006)

Outrageous Women (MBC, 2006)


Emergency (2009)

Gosa / Death Bell (2008)

I Like It Hot (2008)


Last updated February 17, 2012

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  • Comments (45)
    • Khalishah Nadhira
    • March 3rd, 2012


    • ashbelle
    • March 3rd, 2012

    woah…kim bum oppa is here in your site!
    thanks a bunch… (^_^)

    • LoveU1234
    • March 30th, 2012

    kim bum, you are soooooooo cute n hndsome!!!!! <3<3<3
    saranghae ❤

    • anyeli
    • April 4th, 2012

    kim bum eres muy lindo y me encanto la novela en la que estuviste en los chicos son mejores que las flores *-* :*

    • hansung
    • April 14th, 2012

    kim bum oppa…u handsome…i miss u oppa


  2. i don’t like the thrid photo

    • waeyo,no matter which picture oppa still looks good so…please don’t say that you dont like that photo,it’s hurting…):

  3. soo COOL!

  4. Kim Bum oppa saranghaeyo~
    You’re so handsome,cute,young,and good looking^^
    Nado Sarangahe kim bum oppa:)

  5. I LOVE YOU Kim Bum

  6. I hope kim bum has another movie..

  7. …………….kim bum…..has the most attracting killer smile of all the korean actors…….with his smile im sure the girls around the corners will definitely fall in love to him

    • banu A
    • June 11th, 2012

    i like him in high kick,he is so funny with lee min hoo,bumaaaa 🙂

    • nevahazel pangilinan
    • July 4th, 2012

    Annyeonghaseyo kim r u?..hope u always fine..saranghae idol

  8. Ngarang khoe la nawa shipo dogi duk

    • Atsushi Kiyomi(love hongki oppa)
    • July 13th, 2012

    kim bum oppa……….

    • buta
    • July 14th, 2012

    i like you forever

    • humairoh
    • July 14th, 2012

    kim arigatoo wann suunasi

    • mcbby93
    • August 4th, 2012

    Kim Bum oppa has a killer smile. I fell in love with him in BOF. (:

  9. He was a playboy in bof

    • natalia
    • August 31st, 2012

    I love Kim Bum….he is the best….he is handsome and when he is smiling….i love him…<3!!!

    • dipti
    • September 2nd, 2012

    sarAngae kiMbUm oppA…….<3…….muaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

    • siti nurhali yusri
    • September 27th, 2012

    you are so aegyo n hansome@_@SARANGHAE KIM BUM MY OPPA…….mmuaaaaaaaahhhhhhh………..<3

    • Siti Norhidayah
    • October 3rd, 2012

    kim bum…I love you so much..saranghae kim bum!!!

    • Nadhirah
    • October 8th, 2012

    This is not kibum !

    • pranjali
    • October 14th, 2012 m from India n ma name is pranjali…n m a big fan of yours…wanna meet u…

    • Jessica.
    • October 17th, 2012


    • shwe lone
    • October 29th, 2012

    ok.actually,l don’t love u.but l like you.

    • freakiii
    • November 9th, 2012

    i ❤ u kim bum oppa saranghae

    • L*J
    • November 23rd, 2012

    ♥♥♥♥I LoOoVE YoOoU♥♥♥
    Oppaaaaaa****♥♥I LoOoVE YoOoU♥♥

    • Wong Kitty
    • August 15th, 2013

    Kim Bum oppa is so handsome
    I like him so much
    Becuz he is so handsome in the drama call “Boys over Flowers”
    Oppa saranghae

  10. your so cute, bum.i like you.

  11. annyeonghaseyo..
    your my favorite korean actor ever..
    iiii lllo0000vvEeeeeE
    im from the philippines..
    roseannheart is yours…*^_^*

    • Yoona
    • November 14th, 2013

    I like him so much. He is very hansome and cute !!!

    • faiezzah izzah
    • November 20th, 2013

    kim bum oppa is sooooooo hndsome…..saranghae ❤ ❤

    • Izzy Elkanah
    • December 12th, 2013

    Kim bum I’m from Nigeria hope to here dat u come to visit nd plz don’t forget to take me back to Korea Wen ur living

    • Winniefreda
    • January 5th, 2014

    Am a new fan of yours.In fact i really enjoyed boys before flowers and east of eden keep it up i like it.

  12. You are the best actor .

    • park jin joo
    • February 14th, 2014

    oppa saranghe

  13. oppa ang guapo mo……

    • hoitn
    • July 8th, 2014

    Luv u Kim bum my Bday mate#07/07

    • July 15th, 2014


      • July 15th, 2014

      so cool

    • July 15th, 2014

    I’ m from MYANMAR. I LOVE KIM BUM SO MUCH. I wish KIM BUM health ,wealth ,happy & success.

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