B2ST/BEAST (Boys to Search for Top/Boys of the East Always Standing Tall) Profile

~ Member Profile ~

Stage Name: Doojoon

Birth Name: Yoon Doo Joon

Birth Date: July 4, 1989

Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Blood Type: A

Education: Dongshin University

Hometown: Goyang, South Korea

Hobbies: Soccer

Stage Name: Hyunseung

Birth Name: Jang Hyun Seung

Birth Date: September 3, 1989

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Blood Type: B

Education: Dongshin University

Hometown: Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

Hobby: Singing

Specialty: Dancing

Stage Name: Junhyung

Birth Name: Yong Jun Hyung

Birth Date: December 19, 1989

Position: Main Rapper

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Blood Type: O

Education: Dongshin University

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Hobby: Composing songs

Specialty: Writing lyrics

Stage Name: Yoseob

Birth Name: Yang Yo Seob

Birth Date: January 5, 1990

Position: Main Vocalist

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Blood Type: B

Education: Dong-Ah Institute of Media & Arts

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Hobby: Playing the drums

Specialty: Singing in a melodic, sweet voice

Stage Name: Kikwang

Birth Name: Lee Gi Kwang

Birth Date: March 30, 1990

Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Face of The Group

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Blood Type: A

Education: Dongshin University

Hometown: Naju, South Jeolla Province, South Korea

Hobby: Song composition

Specialty: Singing, dancing

Stage Name: Dongwoon

Birth Name: Son Dong Woon

Birth Date: June 6, 1991

Position: Vocalist, Maknae

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Blood Type: A

Education: Konkuk University

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

Hobby: Collecting figures

Specialty: Writing lyrics


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    • gmss
    • January 19th, 2010

    love B2ST 🙂

    • B2ST!!!!!! also LOVED LEE KIKWANG|!!!!!

      • i know right

        • My favorite_SuJu_Heechul
        • November 11th, 2011

        Yes ! Kikwang cuter No.1 ! And I likes Dongwoon !

        • kikwang lover
        • November 13th, 2011

        i love Lee KIKWANG TOO!!!!:)

        • :p
        • December 1st, 2011


        • ilie
        • December 30th, 2011

        me too! dongWonn tuu ❤

      • ME TOO~

        • ji yeon ji hyun
        • September 6th, 2012

        me too……………..lee gi kwang is very cutes

      • lyana
      • May 27th, 2011

      i love yoeseob more than other…he had such a cute n innocent face…saranghaeyo

        • bella bella4
        • June 5th, 2011

        ya that rights
        love ua all

        • Diamond
        • August 28th, 2011

        Definitely love him the best.

        • zhor
        • February 27th, 2012

        anneyeongHaseyo..yeh ilove yoseob and giKwang !!!beast is the b2st!! saranghe!!

        • b2stisthebest
        • March 16th, 2012

        i know i agree with u saranghaeyo to yoseob

        • scilest
        • June 18th, 2012

        yes yoseob ^ ^ the best of all

        • eunjung gayoon
        • September 6th, 2012

        yoseob is very cutes.yoseob is no1 in my heart

        • WooRiqa
        • September 19th, 2012

        I love yoseob tooo~
        he’s so cute~

        • mia
        • November 5th, 2012


      • Mmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttooooooooooooo

    • yaya~~B2ST is the best~~!!!

      • i love the beast even though i don’t understand the language
        bad girl is the best song they sang and im telling you this

        • iqbaL_B2ST
        • October 5th, 2011

        yess B2ST is the bess !! … >_<

      • xxheartxxbreakerxx
      • February 16th, 2012

      I love b2st too!:)

    • I LOVE B2ST ( Beauty )
      MaLa oLivia FaNs Forever yOu B2ST 🙂 😀 ….fighting!

      • ELFish EXOtic B2UTY
      • January 17th, 2014

      Yoon Doo Joon! Saranghae! ❤

      Hahaha. ^_^

    • ♥…♥
    • January 22nd, 2010

    ♥♥♥ beast


      • kak azia
      • August 27th, 2011

      ye ke 1d0nnt b3lieV3 tH1S

        • kak azia
        • August 27th, 2011

        yoseob&doojoon s@NG@T Rajin
        yang lain semua nyer pmls

      • flonewtaemina ciantoeri
      • December 13th, 2011

      i love beast

    • meray
    • January 25th, 2010

    YO SEOB<333333333

      • sumandoo
      • January 25th, 2010

      with that, you just became my best friend (:
      Yoseob is the best or should i say, B2ST

        • meray
        • February 6th, 2010

        😀 OMG,
        lol, ^_______^

        • kimxangraizo
        • May 18th, 2010

        How was your artist ???

        • b2styoseobfg(:
        • May 24th, 2010

        AHHH! yooseoob is whaaat i livee & breaathee foor (; <3333 ^__^

        • sumandoo
        • May 24th, 2010

        isn’t he just heaven (:

      • yose0b so cute .. i want to hugg him

        • yunalis
        • January 15th, 2011

        Yoseob is so handsome

        • Cleugene Yo Cabanillas Seob
        • March 8th, 2011

        Yes he is the best!!! no doubt!! yo seobie fans all over the world!! =)

      • so me to become your friend because i love yoseob very very much & i think he is the best & cutest right?

        • b2uty_bEAST
        • August 24th, 2012

        seobie oppa daebak!!~

      • bebachan
      • March 5th, 2011

      yoseob have a nice voice…his face like a baby…kekeke

        • cutie girl
        • November 24th, 2011

        i agree

      • K-Pop Fan
      • January 20th, 2012

      i totally agree with u guys. YoSeob is the cutest thing ever =^.^=

      • Alexandra
      • March 21st, 2012

      i lovee YO SEOB


    • neath
    • January 29th, 2010

    Yoseob is so cute..and i like their song” mystery”

    • purple cars
    • February 13th, 2010

    OH EM GEE! I ♥♥♥B2st♥♥♥. By the way I called everyone besides yong a long time ago so they are alll mine!!!!! especially Yang yo seob <333 and Son…. to be nice Ill give you guys Jang to lol. Other than yong ang jang they r all mine!!!!!

    • Riu
    • February 14th, 2010

    B2ST is soo BEAST
    Love Them So Much

      • jessica marbibi
      • December 14th, 2010

      omg! i love b2st so much! i hope you come here in the philippines………………..

    • bonvichika
    • February 26th, 2010

    i love b2st
    i love Aj’s dancing much
    but i still love all members of b2st

  1. so cute~<3

  2. B2ST is soo BEAST

    i love u !!

    • beastbang
    • March 20th, 2010

    당신을 사랑합니다 B2ST!! ♥♥♥
    hyun seung was kicked out from big bang right?
    mean YG >.<
    but he looks so cool now!
    beast fighting!! :DD

      • sumandoo
      • March 20th, 2010

      he wasn’t necessarily kicked out, he was removed before BB’s official debut.
      but i’m happy because of it, i love him in BEAST (:

        • K-Pop!
        • October 5th, 2010

        I’m agree with you! 😀
        I like HyunSeung appearance and I think his talents are more prominent in B2ST xD

        B2ST FIGHTING~! ❤

      • i like yoseob very much…because he so cute boy….

      • Domsel123
      • August 4th, 2010

      I’m actually grateful he was elliminated from BigBang because Hyunseung is my Favourite <333 and I don't rly like BigBang :S, so I wouldn't have known who he is today, BEAST is the B2ST!!! ❤

      • egh, i think all of Suengie fan knew he was former trainee from YG entertaiment.. u should’nt said that, the fact-fan wouldnt know Sungie today if they dont watch BIGBANG Documentary where Sungie also there & knew his talent..

    • please dont say YG Entertaiment like that. Suengie not Kicked by YG k.. it’s between Suengie n Seungri coz they need 5 boys only for BIGBANG.. if u said like YG kicked Suengie, how bout JYP, 4 of Beast are from there.. Yoseob, AJ, Woon & Doojoon (Top 20)

    • jang hyun seung
    • March 30th, 2010

    b2st fighting
    i love Hyun Seung
    sa rang hae

    • Kosal
    • April 8th, 2010

    wow i really like b2st nas esp lee kikwang(aj).He is really cool!!!!!!!!!!

  3. anyo…hello b2st im agirl iwant to tell you that my dream is studying at korea baut ican cause my parents not allow me to go there,but ihave to,i want to go
    there when i age 17 or 18, i always hear your song,your song is the best,dongwoon have a good voice and the others.i hope my dream come true,dont forget im is malay-islam,b2st hope you all succes,aja2 hwaiting!!!…..saranghae iluv you all…..:)

    • bagus impian ko tu ..

        • infinite.lover
        • November 12th, 2010


        • dongwoon prince
        • April 11th, 2012

        dongwoon handsome nye kau….<3

    • Haha, Lia. Sme la kte, sy pn otw bljr bhse korea, sbb nk g korea. Nk rs sndri cne suasne kt sne

  4. b2st please give me a respond to comment in up there please help me……… 😦

  5. ailevui AJ

  6. Dongwoon so lovely ^^

    • pocpag
    • April 11th, 2010

    i like uuuuuuuuuuu

    • foreverchocolove
    • April 13th, 2010

    omg!!really love them!
    ~~i thinx the leader look like top..
    yoseob sooooooooo adorable!!!

    • ne?? TOP is much handsome.. but still Doojoon have his own charisma.. yup, Yoseob is cute & ado…

      • lee yu min
      • April 8th, 2011

      love beast so much

    • b2stgurl
    • April 17th, 2010

    B2ST ! I <33333 you guys ! Especially YangYoSeob ! YoSeob, for just knowing you two days I've kept 81 photos of you and 18 videos of you dancing ! I really love you~ Keep saying cute ! SarangHae-Yo YoSeob-oppa !

    • b2stgurl
    • April 17th, 2010

    this comment up here..saying is staying** LoVe You Truly DeePlY YAngYOSe0b !!

    • carla
    • April 18th, 2010

    i love your song bad girl aj is soooo cute..

  7. ailevui AJ.

    • songhyorin
    • April 20th, 2010

    I love BEAST!!


      • B2ST fever
      • October 22nd, 2010

      agreed! gikwang IS the best!! saranghae B2St!!!!

        • B2ST fever
        • October 22nd, 2010

        ummm kikwang* 😀 :/

  8. ur all r so cute.xpecially yoseob and aj.i adore u so much.

    • catherine
    • May 2nd, 2010

    lossssssss amooooooooooooooooo son loz mejorres arriba B2ST los kiero un monto el mejor grupo k ha podido existir

    • Sos
    • May 3rd, 2010

    Yo Seob very cute

  9. they’re hot !!! Luv ya Son Dong Woon !!!

  10. Dong Woon’s so kute !!! Luv him ><

    • eyna
    • May 8th, 2010

    i love you all beast!!would you like 2 come MALAYSIA beast?

    • line
    • May 8th, 2010

    annyeong sarangeoh beast pls come to malaysia to perfome a live consert in kuala lumpur bukit jalil in the year2010 pls

    • LOLita
    • May 10th, 2010

    oh….i luv them all

  11. AJ so romantic and soooooooo cooooooool luv u soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dyba95
    • May 19th, 2010

    love u guy… 🙂

    • monica
    • May 22nd, 2010

    luvvvvvvvv u dongwoon <333333333333

      • klea chen
      • May 11th, 2011

      i love dongwoon verrryyy much he looks like my couzin

    • leeila yuri
    • May 26th, 2010

    i love u yang yoseob oppa….!!!!!


    • Lee Jia Ai
    • May 28th, 2010

    I’m a little shy to tell you this but em …..
    i l..o..v..e.. you jang hyun seung ! Because your voice is so attractive and you always dresses in a stylish way . You’re a cute boy too !

    • sharonfoong
    • May 29th, 2010

    AJ is my everything!!!haha

    • Meray
    • May 29th, 2010

    ive been following them all , mostly yang yo seob before they were in beast. yangyoseob is MINE ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (:

    • Lee Jia Ai
    • June 2nd, 2010

    I just wish i can see you , Jang Hyun Seung in front of my eyes only … even it dosen’t come true i still love u . Since i’m just an ordinary chinese girl .

    • B2st
    • June 3rd, 2010

    i wish i could see you oppa

  12. beast so H.O.T!!

    • Lee Jia Ai
    • June 7th, 2010

    I heard the news that you guys are coming on 26.06.2010 to malaysia . And this is a bad news to me ! I can’t go…. ! Since it always were my dreams to see you guys especially Jang Hyun Seung . Because i’m just a little girl …

    • pwinkish
    • June 9th, 2010

    noooo!r they accually commin to malaysia!noooo!on 26.6.10!i cnt go to malaysia on 26 -.- unfairness!

    • Fina love yang
    • June 9th, 2010

    Oh my god yang yoseob youre mine!! <33

    • pwinkish
    • June 11th, 2010

    omg kikwang is soooo mine 😛 x)

    • lalainlurv
    • June 11th, 2010

    I LURRRV U KIKWANG <3<3 😀 obviously in lurv wit him 🙂

    • gossiprincess
    • June 11th, 2010

    waw mee too!im so in luv wit him 😀 *gossiprincess day dreams*

    • Lee Jia Ai
    • June 14th, 2010

    Still i can’t go to the concert . I will have no chances of having Hyung Seung’s autograph . Because of my mother never letting me go to anywhere if there is a bodyguard with me .I’m just like a bird lock in a cage never gonna have my own freedom . So sad !

    • Lee Jia Ai
    • June 15th, 2010

    I really hated when b2st and 4 minute were together singing.Why don’t be with kara or T-ara.I hate 4 minute.They always act sexy so they can attract beast.

    • raf
    • June 23rd, 2010

    23.june 2010 beast in singapore. I can’t go becoz i must follow my bos go 2 srawak. So sad……………. But when i know 26 june 2010 beast coming malaysia and my frend buy 2 ticket . It wonderful but i CAN’T GO. I have work at singapore at 3 day hu,,,,,,,,….huu,,….. sad.

    • beast lover
    • June 25th, 2010

    they already went here in the philippines with kim hyung joon 😛 😛 :p >:)

    • Melisa
    • June 26th, 2010

    Lovin’ b2st & big bang <33
    and i'm going to korea next summer and i'm wondering if they had a concert how much would the tickets cost? and if they have backstage passes?
    thanks :]

      • sumandoo
      • June 27th, 2010

      Since it is still early in this year, there haven’t been any facts whether either group will be attending any concert.
      Big Bang had a concert called ‘Big Show’ but that’s this year. It might be possible they’ll have one next year.
      BEAST on the other hand, has only had several fan-meets, and not a scheduled concert.
      but i’ll keep you updated if i find something out.

    • supersalamii
    • July 5th, 2010

    ♥ SARANGHAE B2ST. man there photos look bad ass and hot. B2ST FIGHTING (: yoseob my baby :L

    • wawa
    • July 8th, 2010

    i’m ur new fan..
    luv u all,
    luv ur song,
    luv ur face,
    luv ur dance,

    • audi
    • July 9th, 2010

    oopa lee gi kwang…

  13. you are the best group at korea bye you are my favrouite lee kikwang……….

  14. I luv ya very much. Esp yang yo seob. I wish that I could see them

    • allie
    • July 16th, 2010

    although i only see you all’s mv i am in love wid you all!!!!kikwang!!!beast hwaiting!:)

    • miko
    • July 27th, 2010

    im from malaysia..i like beast..so cute…thanks korean..

    • kiseop empire
    • July 27th, 2010

    I open this sites because i saw in google someone commenr ar here about 4minute . Why should u hate 4minute ? b2st n 4minute the only two groups in Cube entertainment , Sexy is the trend . 4minute just become sexy on performance but they respect themself when they go out . Not like the other . HUH !?

    • Nicholas(:
    • July 27th, 2010

    Annyong !(: I a guy & I’m not afraid to say this…I love them ! Because of their outfits & looks !(: I’m gonna go to korea next time as a fashion designer to help em make stage outfits & stuffs if I have got the chance to . But I guess 85% out of 100% I’m able to make it .I wanna be friends with em !Especially KiKwang hyung !(: BEAST is the B2ST ! Saranghae !

    • Vanessa
    • July 29th, 2010


  15. i consideer myself a #1 yoseob stalker.
    therefore he is mine, and i claim his sexy ass and abs .(:
    hahaa, idk words cant explain how i feel. YANG YO SEOB SARANGHAE OPPAAA ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ hwaiting, fightingg(:

  16. I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH BEAST!! BEAST TOTALLY change my life…u guys are the B2ST!!! Esp junhyung!! Saranghae OPpa!!aza-aza hwaiting..u guys are meant to search for the top!!

    • vivi
    • August 19th, 2010

    ❤ B2ST *v*

    • Keyi
    • August 21st, 2010

    HELLO ! I love beast ttm ❤ Hmph , especially LeeGikwang , YangYoSeob and YoonDooJoon ! Hawt ~! 🙂

  17. i thought Yoseob was the lead vocalist and Hyunseung and Kikwang were the main vocalists coz they have quite alot of parts.

    • MatToKute
    • September 8th, 2010

    I love B2ST.Yo Seop seon bae,Saranghaeyo

    he so cool with his dance move and his body
    he such a perfect guy
    and also his cute face!!!

  19. sarangh so YANG YOSEOB, your so cute,
    he has very charming voice,
    specially when he sing the bad girl

    • arneza252913
    • September 20th, 2010

    ur so cute guys..!

    thats why i like u all and also ukiss ..<3<3 ❤ Arneza ❤ <–

    • mimzlveyesung
    • September 21st, 2010

    i love suju but i also lve beast,especially lee kikwang!!!!!!!

    • Mika Salvador
    • September 22nd, 2010

    i love you gi kwang ! mua mua

    • irish
    • September 25th, 2010

    hellow beast
    i love you
    Yang Yoseob

  20. saranghae doo joon & yo seob!!!
    luv you all!!!

    • Charlotte
    • September 26th, 2010

    LEE KI KWANG oppa~~~~~~~~~

      • girl98
      • November 12th, 2011

      hyungoppa,i hope u all may have a gud time with each other as a group…. i hope too that u’ll face all the things that make ur head spin around with patience…

    • dawn
    • September 26th, 2010

    LEE KI KWANG oppa saranghaeyo~~~

    • b2ty
    • September 26th, 2010

    sweet makne, dong woon.. <3<3<3<3

  21. Omg..Yoseob is so cute.
    I want to marry him:D
    I LOVE youuuu Yang YoSeob<3<3<3<3

  22. i love beast lee gi kwang and yang yo soeb is so cute

    • fatty
    • September 30th, 2010

    i would you yang yoseob

  23. b2st was 2 awesome!!i hope i could go 0versea to korea..juz w8 my spm result:)my main dream n0w..huhu

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    • julie ann castillo
    • October 1st, 2010

    i love you beast.. im ur no. one fan..
    u r so hot..

    i love you guys..

    god bless you..


    • myra
    • October 14th, 2010

    ahhhhhhhh……reallllly like jun hyung oppa!!!!!!!!!

    • Chi
    • October 14th, 2010

    I really2 want 2 meat b2st,want 2 meet them s0 s0 badly. . .i l0ve them. .
    B2st 0wez in my heart!

    • Kwee Hong
    • October 18th, 2010

    I loveeeee you kikwang!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chi
    • October 18th, 2010

    Wer can I get beast adres? I want 2 send my luv lttr 2 them. .B-)

    • lyka
    • October 20th, 2010

    yo seob your so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • naema
    • October 29th, 2010

    nice songs~ ~

  25. dongwoon!!!!saranghe!!!

  26. i think you are mistaken on Lee Gi Kwang’s position, he is the main dancer. Because Yoseob is the main vocalist.

  27. Yoseob Oppa! saranghae! I wanna meet you badly bcos i ❤ you. I wanna be the best girl you've ever met. 🙂 saranghae!

    • key xiaoling
    • November 2nd, 2010

    oppa…ni men ke ai wan sui….(oppa you’re so cute forever)….saranghaeo….

    • emogirlhashervengz
    • November 4th, 2010

    awh jun hyung is my favorite but, I love them all. Du jun is tall and so sexy. Love b2st love yo seob ki kwang dong woon and hyun seung

    • Crystal
    • November 4th, 2010

    UMM…guess I could say they are kinda cute wel to tell the truth uptill now ALL the Korean boy bands that I have seen have atleast 2 or 3 cute boys dont ya agree

  28. i love yoseob voice…he was cute guy… i hope i can meet him in person…

  29. i love bad girl song… they look very cute when they sang in this song…

  30. i like the beast!!!!!!

    • kim joon mii
    • November 5th, 2010

    sarangheyo beast(b2st)……

    • kim lee
    • November 6th, 2010


  31. 😀 i rEally admIre BEAst spEcially yang y0 se0b…

    • sara jonghyun
    • November 11th, 2010

    i love beast!!!!

  32. i hEART beast . especially Lee Kikwang (AJ0 . hmmn .. i always watch their music video — SOOM — @ myx . — DIANA —

  33. ahhhh…. i love yang yo seop . he ssssssssssssssoooooooooo cute . and i love b2st

    • FyQa
    • November 18th, 2010

    i love b2st~! expecially yo seob..!

  34. gogogogo B2ST!!!!!

  35. saranghae MY BEAST
    you guys are the fantacy of every girl
    living in earth

    • Atiqah
    • November 20th, 2010

    go B2st!!
    love u forever!

    • sabu
    • November 23rd, 2010

    b2st forever
    love you boyz

  36. vote for them in the golden disk awards 2010 if you really love them

    • ai ivy
    • November 25th, 2010

    saranghaeyo beast,,,

    • saranghaeyo
    • November 27th, 2010

    omg b2st ftw yoseob and junghyun :P:P love you beast ………….b2st FIGHTING ^_^ 😀

    • fatini zul
    • November 27th, 2010

    hai…miss you …i m from malaysia …so i miss you all…i hope ican visit to korea…but not now..bcause i m still 13 years old…can you teach me how to learn in korean subjects..can you>>>if you can go to my fb you can message with me… gamsahamnida.

  37. HI I LOVE yang yoseob HE VERY CUTE

    • sha_mi
    • November 29th, 2010

    love beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?_?
    love gi kwang =P

    • sarah lou sabio
    • December 1st, 2010

    i love yoseob so much…i want to go to korea…just to see them…..i will wait the next album of beast…..saranghamnida yoseob oppa and hynseung oppa…take care…♥♥♥

    • Courtney
    • December 1st, 2010

    love B2ST their song Soom is awsome and also their Beautiful is sooooooooooo catchy and lovely love Kikwang and Dongwoon oppa

  38. gomawo…

      • sumandoo
      • December 3rd, 2010

      you’re welcome!

    • diya
    • December 3rd, 2010

    beast hwaiting

    • DoubleSweetkiss
    • December 4th, 2010

    BEAST I LOVE YOU ALL! you are the best male group in korea as well as in my heart ..lOL.. KIwang and yoseob.. the all yr the most..

    • Izzatiey
    • December 7th, 2010

    B2ast love u guys xpecially Leader DOOJOON!!!BEAST HWAITING!!!SARANGHAEYO!

    • *Kpop_Lover!!*
    • December 8th, 2010

    woah!!!..keep it up b2st!!
    u r 1 of my favorites!!..
    well…ur my favorite of all!!..

  39. I LOVE B2ST SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH.<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • baby
    • December 13th, 2010

    gi kwang oppa,,a love u so much.you look different other guys.gi kwang oppa chayok

  40. — saranghaeyo oppa gikwang !!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • kimfirda
    • December 16th, 2010

    saranghae dongwoon oppa !!!!

  41. wow!that is so awesome.

    • mhaye
    • December 16th, 2010

    ur so cute Yang Yoseob..

  42. saranghae

  43. ilove you all
    take care

    • hwa young jang
    • December 18th, 2010

    dongwoon a… neomu neomu neomu neomu chowa..

  44. saranghae beast!!! especially to doojoon and kikwang!!! !!! saranghanda!!! muahxx!!!! i hope i can come to your show at 13 january next year!!! saranghae!!!!! ❤

  45. waa, Dooseob 4eva!! canot wait coz they’re coming 2 Malaysia 4 the 2nd time!! meet u @ the party Cube Entertaiment artist!!

    • Chenicha
    • December 19th, 2010

    soooooooooooooo u is the beast,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • cherinkay
    • December 19th, 2010


      • anne michelle fieldad
      • December 21st, 2010

      happy birthday yong jun hyung! ❤

    • eya
    • December 19th, 2010

    yo bro

    • lee sun kyu
    • December 21st, 2010

    jun hungh iz the best n so doo joon

    • anne michelle fieldad
    • December 21st, 2010

    saranghae b2st,
    i always watching your
    music videos because it so really
    beautiful and i really like beast,and
    my sisters love it too…
    go go beast…

      • anne michelle fieldad
      • December 22nd, 2010

      i love beast so much specially du jun!!! 😀

  46. hye beast .. im one of your biggest fan since you guys came to malaysia that day ! hmmm … unfortnately , i didnt came to your show … hmmm … bianei .. lol . btw , hope you guys stay healthy ! especially hyunseung !!!!!! aja aja hwaiting !!

  47. ,yang yo seob saranghae i love you,in tagalog mahal kita. . . . . . ?

    • Sera
    • December 24th, 2010

    B2st fighting! B2st is the best!XD

    • K-pop lover
    • December 24th, 2010

    B2st saranghae! B2st, u’re the best!

      • hyuna
      • January 1st, 2011

      i too…saranghae B2ST…hehehe…

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    • January 1st, 2011

    luv beast …. 🙂

    • farah
    • January 1st, 2011

    beast hot & super power … love them all …

    • Moon
    • January 1st, 2011

    who’s the one to wrap first in the song Breath?
    please reply me

      • sumandoo
      • January 1st, 2011


        • cutie girl
        • November 24th, 2011

        junhyung the best rapper ever!!!!!!!!

        saranghae junhyung!!!! ❤ u 4 EVER!!!!!!

    • zicchie
    • January 1st, 2011

    gila,kmpln BEAST memang best la…sy doakan kmpln BEAST akan s’lalu dirahmati TUHAN…sy hrp kmpln BEAST s’lalu wat lgu2 yg best…GUD LUCK FOR BEAST…(^_^)SMILE ALWAY’S..

    • skema
    • January 1st, 2011

    u so cute LEE KIKWANG…i luv u so muchhhh…..muach…saranghae….hehehe…

      • miss saintis
      • January 23rd, 2011

      AJ is very very cute

    • Puteri Saranghaeyo
    • January 2nd, 2011

    Iluv youu beast~! you all so…….cutee..
    AJ, I ‘m your fans .. hiee~

    • anne michelle fieldad
    • January 2nd, 2011

    사랑하ㅓ 버ㅏㅅㅌ ❤

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    • January 6th, 2011

    Omgg !!! , why they so handsome ? .

      • miss saintis
      • January 23rd, 2011

      i dont know!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    • January 7th, 2011

    beast fighting

    • Adeline99
    • January 7th, 2011

    I ❤ u Yong Seob!!!But not only him,BEAST too!!!!

    • Astaga
    • January 7th, 2011

    Like kikwang and dongwoon , maybe

  48. I Love B2ST ♥ !

  49. saranghae junhyung

  50. hai i’m from philippines hope you can visit davao……. i love u beast

    • hi im in the mphiliphines hope you can visit in dipolog the super junior is finished in dipolog

    • Nicole Pamaran
    • January 8th, 2011

    b2st fighting ! good luck to your career . saranghae ❤

  51. i love u Yang Yoseob and all b2st members !!
    saranghe !

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    • AUNI
    • January 10th, 2011


    • AUNI
    • January 10th, 2011


  55. i like the SOOM with moves with Lee KiKwang!

      • miss saintis
      • January 23rd, 2011

      me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. BEAST, B2ST.
    Forever in LOVE with JunHyung & Yoseob.
    JunHyung – Handsome, Cool, Nice Rapper.
    Yoseob – Cute, Cool, Nice Vocalist.
    Saranghaeyo~ ❤


  57. OMG……
    B2ST SO COOL…….

    • miss sarang
    • January 16th, 2011

    mastermind…mastermind… 🙂

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    • January 19th, 2011

    aj!!!!! ur so cute


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    • sheday
    • January 22nd, 2011

    guys ur the beast in my life my favorite is yang yoseob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!good better beast and never will we rest until the good is better and the better becomes the beast!!!!!! I LOVE YOU 😀 ^_^

    • sheday
    • January 22nd, 2011

    당신을 사랑하는 영원히 짐승 그리고

      • sheday
      • January 22nd, 2011

      내 소망에서 내 삶을 보는 것은 양 yoseob !!!!!!!!!!!

        • miss saintis
        • January 23rd, 2011

        i cant understand it

    • miss saintis
    • January 23rd, 2011

    i love beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • miss saintis
    • January 23rd, 2011

    beast is very cool!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • January 23rd, 2011

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    • January 23rd, 2011


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    • January 26th, 2011

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    • January 28th, 2011

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    • January 29th, 2011

    Beast Cool n Talented.luv u all especially Jun Hyung….

    • kim victoria hyuna
    • January 29th, 2011

    why the photo not change?? photo of junhyung?? 😥

      • sumandoo
      • January 29th, 2011

      it will be changed soon, don’t worry!

        • farhanah basir
        • January 30th, 2011

        can be friend orrr not in twitter

        • sumandoo
        • January 30th, 2011

        i don’t have a twitter, but you can certainly be my friend. haha 🙂

    • Fanica
    • January 29th, 2011

    Wow! You just change new pictures..
    Nice!! Saranghae B2ST!
    ❤ Beast is the B2ST! ❤

    • farhanah basir
    • January 30th, 2011

    to b2st!!!
    i hope u guys all the best….
    yoseob!!!u are so cute and smile always…
    i think!!!???
    plezzz come to malysia again ok….

    • wuww92505
    • February 1st, 2011

    love beast n boy band korea

    • February 1st, 2011

    i love beast’s soongs, especially bad girl………..

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  61. They are very cutes…hihihihkk..

    • Angel
    • February 2nd, 2011

    is t kikwang or gikwang? many people said gikwang but many people also said kikwang…. the lee is correct though…
    YG entertainment and bigbang is mean for kickin’ hyunseung out of the group… he’s just such a graet dancer…. and just wants taeyang as the dancing idol… now? what? b2st is more poplar than bigbang anyway…. BUT I’M PROUD FOR THEIR HARD WORKKK

  62. I LUV B2ST VERY….. MUCH………….

    • bella u lala
    • February 4th, 2011

    hello BeAsT..

    • Opie
    • February 4th, 2011

    Annye0ng ! Yaaaa ! Saranghae B2ST especially AJ ! I really l0ve this gr0up ! I hope B2ST will c0me t0 J0h0r Bahru , Malaysia ! Yeah ! Fighting !

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    • Bella U Lala
    • February 6th, 2011

    hello beast…
    b2ast is the b2st..
    saranghaeyo especially for lee kikwang(handsome boy) n yang yoseob(cutiest)

    • chika
    • February 6th, 2011

    annyeong . .
    anyone know dongwoon religion ?
    his face so unique
    please give me an answer if anybody knows
    sorry , my english is not good

    • sovath Phath
    • February 6th, 2011

    so fantastic||||||||||||||||||||| ! beast:-D

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    • February 8th, 2011


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    • February 10th, 2011

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    • izu
    • February 11th, 2011


  65. Son Dongwoon,,,,i love you,,,,^^
    you not look like a korean peopple,,,^^

  66. hai beash

    • wonnie oppa
    • February 14th, 2011

    maknae oppa saranghae..<3

  67. u all so great..i really shock with all your video music…keep going with your achievement…to Doojoon,Hyunseung,Junhyung,Yoseob,Kikwang and Dongwoon keep it up…..wish u all good luck….i will alwys support u…

    FHAITING BEAST!!!!!!!!!

    • ain nazzira
    • February 14th, 2011

    saranghae oppa dongwoon…you are so cute N handsome boy….saranghae you…beast..FIGHTHING….

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    • February 15th, 2011

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    • February 15th, 2011

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    • alya
    • February 15th, 2011

    i love u all cuz u all are so cute………..

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    • February 15th, 2011

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      • alya
      • February 19th, 2011

      poor girl.Are you sick?

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    • February 16th, 2011

    yang yoseob!!!i love youu!!

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      • huiyan
      • March 11th, 2011

      suddenly say abt shinee ? O.o

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    • February 17th, 2011

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    all of them so cute and handsome^^

    Beast hwaiting~

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    • February 18th, 2011

    kik kwang is so handsome…..saranghae

    • alya
    • February 18th, 2011


    • February 20th, 2011


    • February 20th, 2011

    iwant beast group come to malaysia please

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    • February 21st, 2011

    love b2st 4ever n ever
    i love b2st…..
    b2st good luck

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  71. I LOVE YOU!

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    • February 21st, 2011

    i love yoseob so much..

      • wawa c wanie
      • April 14th, 2011


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    • February 21st, 2011

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    • February 21st, 2011

    b2st is the best…………..

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    • February 22nd, 2011



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    In my opinion,the most handsome is Son ツ
    Hwaitting beast , beast is the best =3=

    • ultimatebeastfan
    • February 24th, 2011

    BEAST is really the most awesome kpop group ever!!!! BEAST HWAITING!!!! I’ll always support you!!!

    • nida
    • February 24th, 2011

    i love them 🙂

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    • February 24th, 2011

    Gi kwang is main dancer too .

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    • February 24th, 2011

    love you b2st!!!! 🙂

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    • February 25th, 2011

    love beast same goes to Gikwang. i mean AJ. muah<3

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    • February 26th, 2011

    i miss Yoseob’s blonde hair! 😀

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  74. I very like the picture that so nice……………….
    I really like yoseob because he so cute…really cute and nice…..oppa sarangngeo…………………

    • beauty
    • March 3rd, 2011

    we luv beast so muuuuuuch…

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        • wawa c wanie
        • April 14th, 2011

    • March 6th, 2011


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    • March 9th, 2011

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    • March 11th, 2011

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    • huiyan
    • March 11th, 2011

    y noone like hyun seong de 😦

  77. i love sin chan

  78. Beast kereeen banget… apalagi lagunya yang Beautiful…

    Numpang promo yach chingu…, yang mau bikin marcandise korea bisa memesan di orendproduk.blogspot.com.

    Murah & kualitas distro. Bikin satu bisa.

    Ada Kaos, stiker, tas, ransel, jam dinding/tangan, poster, mug, pin, gt kunci, kalender dll. Harga mulai 10ribu – 15oribu.

    Telp.0856 4879 1321. Trims.

  79. i love you ki kwang so much yourso very brave all the time
    i like you mwuahhh

    • nueng
    • March 12th, 2011

    So beast So love U

    • syahana
    • March 14th, 2011

    OMG!!!Yang Yoseob

    same birthday as me

    • fithrah56
    • March 14th, 2011

    ❤ u beast!
    wow! my bezday same with yoseob!
    love it very very much!

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    • March 15th, 2011

    wowwww!! i love beast so much!!i hope can meet you all..

  80. wowo new picture im your no 1 fan i liker yang yo seob ang lee gi kwang and all !!!! pls make again a new music and album

  81. i love b2st but yoseob is so cute..and funny

    • Nursyazana Nabilah
    • March 16th, 2011

    yoseob is mine…his my speacial boyfriend…no one can take him from me…if want’LANGKAH MAYAT AKU DULU’!!!!!!

      • hannah
      • March 26th, 2011


        • bebe yoseop
        • May 7th, 2011

        hahaha….cam 2 ckalie….xbek men lgkah2 aw…men pjak2 bwu bez….hahahaha…..ite uwn mnat yoseob gak….s00,,,jom ite amai2 men pjak2…bwu ar fair….hahaha…..YANG YOSEOB<3<3<3

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    • LyiaHae
    • March 16th, 2011

    B2st!!!!! Love them 4 eva… Especially Yoseob! Love yarh!

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    • March 17th, 2011

    all the best.. beast or b2st

    • Elaka
    • March 17th, 2011

    yoon doojoon u r so handsome…….. 🙂

      • hannah
      • March 26th, 2011


  83. mandu can’t you add the blood type
    of this member?

    • nur anissa azahra
    • March 18th, 2011

    dong woon is so cute……..
    love you beast,,,,,,,,,

  84. 야수가 한국에서 제일 좋아하는 소년 밴드입니다

    • Kiri
    • March 20th, 2011

    Uwaaah~~ It’s almost Kikwang’s birthday! < 3
    thanks the info!!

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    • yana pink
    • March 22nd, 2011

    i love u beast… 🙂

    • tykah
    • March 22nd, 2011


    love gi kwang very much <3<3
    B2ST or should i say BEAST very fantastic!!:)

    • tykah
    • March 22nd, 2011

    gi kwang….i miss you
    yo seob..u so cute

    • alifia
    • March 23rd, 2011

    B2ST1….!!! I’m still lovin you…!!!!

    • alifia
    • March 23rd, 2011

    B2ST….!!! I’m still lovin you…!!!!

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  88. i love beast much 🙂

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  91. the beast is awesome so much 🙂

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  93. I love you all :)) im just addicted with them so much 🙂

  94. MICH ann :))

    • iammunlovethis91
    • March 25th, 2011

    My cousin LOVE this ;D

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    • March 26th, 2011

    yoseob 0ppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!saranghe!!!!!

    • hannah
    • March 26th, 2011


    • aurora
    • March 26th, 2011

    Yoseob are very cute..
    I love BEAST 😀

    • hannah
    • March 26th, 2011

    hannah :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    • hannah farhanna
    • March 26th, 2011


    • k-pop loverr
    • March 26th, 2011


    • bebe yoseop
    • March 26th, 2011

    i love beast soooooo much!!!!!
    xpecially,,yoseop oppa…he so cute….
    saranghaeyo oppa!!!!
    hwaiting beast!!!!!

    • hana anna izana
    • March 27th, 2011

    beast saranghaeyo…..<3

    • miaramory
    • March 27th, 2011

    난 영원히 짐승을 사랑
    yoseob, 아들 dongwoon와 리 kikwang 내가 너희 정말 사랑해
    너희 너무 환상적 .. 나는 희망의 짐승은 최고의 적과 영원히 것입니다
    사랑 짐승 너무 …

  96. ilove yung sob becuose of her voice.her voice is so beautifull.

    • Anya
    • March 28th, 2011

    im new to kpop but im thinking doojoon is my bias ^^

    • sweet girlz
    • March 29th, 2011

    i luv you all beast..!!! ^_^

    • March 29th, 2011

    i love BEAST!!!!

    • March 29th, 2011

    hyun seung oppa,,
    i wantyou to know,,,that i….

    • almightyash
    • March 30th, 2011

    Its 3oth march…happy birthday oppa…nomu nomu sarang hae yoo

  97. love beast esp.junhyung and yoseob this two are both awesome.

  98. Beast is the best and very cute

  99. I love beast.They all cute.:)

    • Porkchop
    • April 3rd, 2011

    yoseob my oppa!!!

    • Sahar Siddiqi
    • April 4th, 2011


    • Yang Yoseob
    • April 5th, 2011

    Saranghae B2st..

    • Kevin Darren George
    • April 5th, 2011


    • anis
    • April 6th, 2011

    love b2st 4 eva..

    • ,,,ayem,,
    • April 9th, 2011

    i like they song,,,

    • ,,,ayem,,
    • April 9th, 2011

    nan choayo beast,,,

    • YOSEOP
    • April 9th, 2011

    hahahahahaha go beast!!

    • ramlan
    • April 10th, 2011

    Beautiful Idols ,amazing vocal, charismatic aura ,sweet smiles with a hot bods of sexy groovy dances moves and heartfelt expression. “B2ST u r the BEST”

    • erma mon
    • April 10th, 2011

    anyeong b2st…
    when you come to indonesia?

    • huiyan
    • April 12th, 2011

    wooo i love jun hyung

    • Astaga
    • April 12th, 2011

    Gikwang is a main dancer too, hyunseung is a lead dancer. just mention it 🙂

    • han soo hwa
    • April 12th, 2011

    b2st is the best
    anyeonghaseyo soo hwa imnida
    I love b2st
    and I love all member
    and all song
    because B2ST very beautiful song and the average at each mv always there dancenya

    • April 13th, 2011

    i luph YOSEOB oppa. Luph u so much. Hehehehe.


    | | (0 )\ /|__
    | |___(0 ) \/ |__


    • ocha fahrenheit
    • April 14th, 2011


    • b2st-wawa
    • April 14th, 2011

    I LOVE U BEAST/B2ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wawa c wanie
    • April 14th, 2011

    OPPA………………………… ……………….ILOVE U SO MUCH……..I LOVE U YO SEOB……………IM GOING CRAZY..!!….<3

  101. how much ur height . .?

  102. how much yang`s height . . ?

    • dilla
    • April 16th, 2011

    b2st love you so much from INDONESIA!

    • Stress~
    • April 17th, 2011

    I <3333333 you YoSeob Oppa~ Saranghae Yo!!!! B2ST Fighting~ All People Will support you ~~~~

  103. hhshshhshshshs cute nyo

    • SHINeeLovers
    • April 17th, 2011

    Hm, BEAST kinda cute . I like them . Anyway, good luck for BEAST !!

    • Moon Ha Ni
    • April 18th, 2011


    • jiyul
    • April 20th, 2011

    yang yeseob very cute

    • b2st-wawa
    • April 20th, 2011

    ah………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ILOVE U YOSEOB…………………,<3 ❤ <3…………………….IM GOING CRAZY………………

  104. Yoseob Oppa….Dujun Oppa…..Junhyung Oppa……DongWoon Oppa…..Hyung Seung Oppa…..Gi Kwang Oppa……..SARANGHAEYO……JUAHE……nomu2 kyeopta……BEAST IS THE B2ST….nomu 3X choa……

    • l0opy
    • April 20th, 2011

    yang yoseob!!

    • nur syahirah
    • April 20th, 2011

    waaahhhhhhh!! i luv you guys!! love u alllllllll!!! oi luv u! muaxh!!!

      • nur syahirah
      • April 20th, 2011

      yong jun hyung!! gudemanul saranghamnida!!!! lurving you!
      yang yoseob > you are the most cute one!
      yoon doojoon > you have a wonderful voice! i like!
      jang hyunseung > nice face!!
      son dongwoon > mostly handsome!!
      lee kikwang a.k.a AJ > i love your voice!!

      beast a.k.a b2st > i love you all…!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  105. I Love You YOSEOB:))

  106. love this group as the members’re so cute and their voice amaze me alot . especially junhyung and yoseob . concert in malaysia ? i do enjoy . they’re super duper coolest-boyband-in-korea . i can’t forget on how yoseob socialized with his malaysian fans . yeahh , to be truth i love beast a lot especially yoseob-junhyung-dongwoon . peace , blahblahblah 😀

    • york’s
    • April 22nd, 2011

    Yong Junhyung………… i like you man…….
    you’re awesome and the best rapper in the world…. yeah!!!

    용인의 Junhyung ….. 내가 남자를 좋아해 …. 당신은 세계 최고의 랩퍼가 최고야 ….. 그래!!!

    • Lenaoh
    • April 24th, 2011

    HYUNSEUNG !!!! ❤ ❤

    • anyssa-yanie
    • April 25th, 2011

    i really love b2st … especially junhyung oppa … saranghae molla junghyun oppa …

    • glory dey
    • April 25th, 2011


    • mika
    • April 27th, 2011

    b2st is the best band ! love yo-seob ♥

    • yoo yi mariluz
    • April 28th, 2011

    saranghae yo seob yang

  107. i like b2st i wish i can see b2st

    • Bbiey
    • April 30th, 2011

    thanks to TVXQ,i got to know about B2ST existence..now, i’ve became one of B2UTY..ehhe..really love HYUNSEUNG’s and YOSEOB’s voice…

    • b2st-wawa
    • April 30th, 2011

    love u b2st-4 ever n ever!!!!!!!!!!!love u yoseob!!:) ❤

    • b2st-wawa
    • May 1st, 2011

    love beast! beast is the best

    • b2st-wawa
    • May 1st, 2011

    사랑 짐승! 짐승은 최고의

    • b2st-wawa
    • May 1st, 2011


    • alinalqal
    • May 1st, 2011


  108. woahh…great job…

    so nice…

    • b2st-wawa
    • May 2nd, 2011

    okeyy…im going crazy…….love u seob!

    • NoName
    • May 2nd, 2011

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    • May 4th, 2011

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    OMG ..


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    • May 18th, 2011


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    • May 18th, 2011


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    Saranghe oppa Dongwoon
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    YOSEOB cute
    Gi kwang his abs is hot
    Poppin dragon is handsome(junhyung)
    Dojun is not a gred leader
    Hyunseung can made bubble head
    That all about B2st.
    Don’t forgade DONGWOON HANDSOME & CUTE
    B2st come to malaysia please
    I love your song of(Bad girl)
    i realy love it.!!!!!!!!

      • aisyah
      • July 16th, 2011

      Hey you , do not say like that to Dojun ,you idiot . If he see this , he will not come to Malaysia . And all of us will blame you because you say he is not a great leader.

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    • K-POP Lover
    • May 28th, 2011

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    • K-POP Lover
    • May 28th, 2011

    Yoseob Oppa Saranghae

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  139. hand some guys!

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    • Emylia Jasmine
    • May 31st, 2011

    i love yo seob n doojoon ❤

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  144. 와우
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    JunSeob + DooSeob

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    my love

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    • June 8th, 2011

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    난 항상 당신을 지원합니다

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    • beauty nia
    • June 16th, 2011


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    • June 19th, 2011

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    • Hura
    • June 25th, 2011

    I watch the oh! My school ep 16. Where yoseobie and gikwang was there. The part Simon D said gk is more popular than YoSeob really kill me. ): I guess YoSeob is hurt too. And they said 2nd is doojun. ): hais, YoSeob, you’re 1st and most popular always!!!! ((: <3.

    • agnes carme
    • June 26th, 2011

    sarangheo……. yoseob always in my hearts
    you is the best

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  156. luv hyunseung so much…luv his style and charming voice……………… i’ll support all of u guys..

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    • Sweety
    • June 28th, 2011

    i love them ALL >.<
    especially "DOOJOON" sarangheyo DooJoonaaaaaa

    when i heard about Junhyung and Hara are in a relationship and i was SHOCKED,,, but i think they are CUTE couple … they're looking so close with each other in a photo by papparazzi

    BEAST is the BEST Fighting!!!

    • cindy
    • June 30th, 2011

    Love them ALL !!!!!!

    Especially ” Yang Yoseob” … He is very cute …

    Yoseob hwaiting ^~^ Please don’t get sick … Hope u all everydays become healthy !!!

    Hope beast will popularity forever ..

    Beast is the b2st …. 加油 !!!!

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    • JaZmiNe HyunSoon (hyunseung+dongwoon)
    • July 1st, 2011

    The ToPPesT 3 PerSON I LUv is:
    JunHyuNG,HyuNSeunG and DonGWooN…. they all are so cute!!!!!
    HwaITIng B2sT!!!!!!LuV u 4EvEr!!!!!!

    • Teeny
    • July 1st, 2011

    i love you guys i just found out about you and now i think i broke my repeat button on your songs 😀

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    I love them ALL !!!!! Especially Yang yoseob …. He is very cute …Like pet idols …

    When i heard he sing i was very shocked ^-^ Whao …………

    Hope u all everydays become happy and healhty …

    Hwaiting !!!!! Beast always is the best …

    • B2ST 4EVER
    • July 5th, 2011

    Saranghae BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!! Saranghae Yo Seob!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv BEAST 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAST is the B2ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv B2ST. Luv B2UTY. Saranghae!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡 :* 😡 :*

    • aisyah
    • July 5th, 2011

    Ommooo , Yoseop is so cute by the way i have been to beast concert so you guys can’t take my Yang Yoseop . When he perform he’s concert with the other member , he will make funny face. Thats way i love him so much 🙂

    • mizs beast
    • July 5th, 2011

    i love beast so muchhh…saranghae yoseob,gikwang..>3

    • fatikhah yoseob
    • July 6th, 2011

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    • bonita_yoseop
    • July 7th, 2011

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    • July 7th, 2011

    luv B2ST so much~ Gi Kwang ❤

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    • Viviann Yangg
    • July 9th, 2011

    I love them all.!

    Because they all are hot, sexy and cute and also adorable!

    But mostly i love yang yoseob because he’s cute, funny and adorable when he plays around. and also yoon doojoon because he’s hot and he’s cute also adorable when he plays around with yosoeb. ❤

    I love them both the BEST! and also i STILL love them ALL! ❤

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    yoseob oppa saranghaeyo !!!!!!!!<3
    yoseob oppa saranghaeyo !!!!!!!!<3
    yoseob oppa saranghaeyo !!!!!!!!<3
    yoseob oppa saranghaeyo !!!!!!!!<3
    yoseob oppa saranghaeyo !!!!!!!!<3
    yoseob oppa saranghaeyo !!!!!!!!<3
    yoseob oppa saranghaeyo !!!!!!!!<3

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    • July 12th, 2011

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    • Goo Hara
    • July 13th, 2011

    where is Junhyung?

    • beast da best..(beauty)
    • July 13th, 2011

    i like beast very much especialy doo joon..he is the coolest and most charismatic leader ,,, dong woon is sweets as a candy, yoseop is cute as a polar bear, jung hyung is charming like a prince and hyun seung is very talented and he is like a angel..

    • ..(beauty)
    • July 13th, 2011

    fiction is the best.like doo joon and dong woon very much…yoseop has a very unique voice.. i hope they will be a top boyband in korea and south asia and world..:) saranghaeyo

    • Mya~Loves~Kpop
    • July 16th, 2011

    I LOVE B2ST!!!<3
    Kikwang oppa i love you!!
    What am i talking about …..???
    I Love all of them!!
    B2st Fighting!!! ❤

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    • intan
    • July 17th, 2011

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yoseop.yoseop is my sweet heart saranghae

  167. son dongwoon… 😀

    • princess frog
    • July 19th, 2011

    DongWoon oppa ❤ I like you the most <3<3<3
    I just have known you for three seconds then I knew that I'm fallin for you…
    is it called LOVE??kkkk~ aigooo

    • aliah
    • July 20th, 2011

    i love b2st the best..they are all so cute…and the cutest among them all is my fav oppa,,-seobbie..oppa saranghaeyo..!!!<3

    • yi ying
    • July 21st, 2011

    I LOVE B2ST FOREVER!!!!!!!! YOU’RE NO. 1

    • Beast is the best.Their are very cute and handsome when they sing in BAD GIRL he..he.. .Beast can you be my friend 4ever and can you all come to Malaysia to perfome a live consert in Kuching,Sarawak in the year 2012,please.

      • Beast do you no my group are choose like this:
        PIAH=AKA AJ

  168. Thiz has 2 be the hootest pic of Dong Woon OMG Yo Soeb looks so cute 😀

  169. i lovem they have a lot of enrgee on stage

  170. they are sweet

  171. so cute

  172. now I know that hyunseung born in Month Sep

    • cj7 hanera
    • July 27th, 2011

    beast is da best 4 ever life
    can u be my fwenz plizzz
    hope u all can come 2 Malaysia 2 perfome a live concert in Kuching,Sarawak in diz year so dat i can get yr autograf

  173. i love gi kwang and yoeseob very much… ❤

    • jayloveskpop
    • July 29th, 2011

    Ahh ! iLove B2ST cant wait for the Music Fest in Sydney in November !

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    • July 31st, 2011

    b2st cogutulatian for u’r new song(fiction) oppa saranghae

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    • cj7 hanera
    • August 3rd, 2011

    ME LUV
    they r so CUTE!!!!!!

    • Christa
    • August 4th, 2011

    ❤ ❤ ❤ them soooooo much. KPOP!!!!!! 2EN1 is AWESOME too!!!!!!!

    • rko
    • August 6th, 2011

    beast not handsome but their song really good

      • just another fangirl
      • August 11th, 2011

      they are quite good-looking, and their songs are just awesome. B2ST HWAITING <3!

    • August 8th, 2011

    rko :beast not handsome but their song really good


      • NUR IZZATI
      • August 8th, 2011


  176. Beast also YaNg yo SeObbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb sarangheo

    wo ai ni
    i love you
    saya suka kamu

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    • fara lyssa
    • August 10th, 2011

    i like b2st cuz cute and handsome guys and i like junhyung , doojoon and hyungseung …

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    • basheerah
    • August 11th, 2011

    i just love dongwoon oppa!! ❤


    • nha.com
    • August 12th, 2011

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    • August 12th, 2011

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    • QUEENlovesKPOP
    • August 12th, 2011

    can u change the picture of gikwang?? please..i know that there is a lot of pics of gikwang is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more hoter that that.. 🙂 please ^^

    • yoan
    • August 12th, 2011

    junhyung u so cute and coooooooooooollllllllllllll………….

  180. dongwoon,u coooooolllllllll………..

  181. kikwang’s birthday is same as my birthday…^0^

    • shinerina
    • August 15th, 2011

    why is yoseob so cute???? i think i will fall in love when i hear he’s sing…hehhe….between gikwang n yoseob…which do you like the most???? hehe, if me..i will choose yoseob..hehe

    • naz
    • August 15th, 2011

    amalia cho u just have same birth day with kikwang’s but i have same face with him

  182. wats up!! i really love beast!!! their music is really great!!!

  183. So Beast in the cube!!!!
    like it!!!

  184. naui usang, naui wangjanim i jalsaeng -gin a! nan neol salanghae >3

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  186. beast my prince , my cousin love you so much ! she like yoseob so much

  187. yoseob so cute !!! i love he so much!

  188. lurves u gikwang

    • sicamelody
    • August 19th, 2011

    Yoseob,i love you!i’m your B2UTY!!!:p
    i wish your mine forever…:p
    But you older than me…T_T

    • b2st-wawa
    • August 20th, 2011

    love u seob!!

    • gita
    • August 20th, 2011

    ahh, gikwang itu terlalu keren sampai tak tergambarkan..hahaha.. I love gikwang.. 🙂

  189. You guys are awesome and cool.. Always will love you guys.

  190. Yang Yoseob Awesome and cute, funny and adorable,

    • Diamond
    • August 22nd, 2011

    B2ST!!!!! BEAST!!!! Love you all!!!! You guys are definitely the best out the best! B2ST HWATING!!! Love Yoseob and Doojoon! KYA!!!

  191. i really love beast b2st…saranghaeyo….love y’all

  192. i love yoseob ❤

      • shally
      • June 9th, 2012

      happy brithday sorri late

  193. Yoseob you are so cute…….!!!!

    I like you…!!!! ❤ ❤ 😀

  194. I love BEAST!! 🙂 follow me on Twitter: keyt901120 감사합니다^^

    • suki97
    • August 26th, 2011

    so-1 is jang hyunseung?

    • AnEt
    • August 26th, 2011

    lee gik wang and juhnyung is awesome!!!

  195. saranghae kikwang oppa

    • Diamond
    • August 28th, 2011

    Love you boys 4ever and ever more! XD

  196. i like yo seob and gi kwang..

    • linkin ciara
    • August 30th, 2011

    i like yoseob and junhyung

    • erra au lerrr
    • August 30th, 2011

    yo seop bufday same as my friend………i love kikwang

    • vio
    • August 31st, 2011

    Yoseob is number one…..

    • ELbEAsTglRL
    • August 31st, 2011

    beast everthing 2 me!!
    also l0v beast!!

    • Yoseoby
    • September 1st, 2011

    Luv you yoseob!!!but I’m not know why i think he’s like a baby and ladies…

  197. Yang YoSeob the best everbody ! ^^ hope can marry him … ^_^

      • Beast fan
      • September 2nd, 2011

      Lol where can I watch oh my school or something with English sub??

    • Beast fan
    • September 2nd, 2011

    I come from America but come to Malaysia every 2 years…I go next year but I’ve always wanted to go to beasts concerts!!!T^T however I have no idea if they will come to Malaysia or America!!?some one help me please!!ps:I go to Malaysia between summer vacation.

    • riah
    • September 3rd, 2011

    i love hyunseung alot man

  198. happy bday hyunseung !!

  199. saranghae BEAST ❤

    • Choi Soo Woo
    • September 4th, 2011

    doojoon . .
    the best

  200. saranghae……….

    • erra au lerrr
    • September 5th, 2011

    zara keep dreaming 4eva

    • deo
    • September 6th, 2011

    waw, BEAST tambah kren aja,,,,,,,,,,

    • susan
    • September 6th, 2011


  201. i’m really2 love beast…
    i love beast so much….nothing betterrrr than beast

    • ashbelle
    • September 6th, 2011

    gikwang oppa….
    (^_^) kekeke

    • YunJu_YunJi
    • September 9th, 2011

    Hehe :)) ,, Saranghae ! 🙂

  202. nothing better than beast!

  203. i love beast!!!!!!so much……dong woon i am you 1st fan!!!!!!!!!!!

    • feefa
    • September 11th, 2011


  204. I……..

  205. fall in Love….

  206. With BEAST…………

  207. Because of…………………………………………………

  208. My most adorable, cutest , most charismatic , most handsome ,funniest , cutest voice , eyes,and smile that can take my breath away LI GI KWANG OPPA……………………….OMG!! I’m so freakin when I first saw your cute face…neomu2 joaheyo…oppa I want to marry you…I dare to die if it’s all about you…You are my best oppa forever, gonna support you till the end of my life…muacxxxx…love you so much!!!

    • KoNi
    • September 14th, 2011

    i really impressed with their performance..they can dance and sing very well..MGBU.

    • Eyaa
    • September 17th, 2011

    diorg mmg la comel tapi yang burok nye bile korang nie smue komen benda2 yang gedik mcm yg kat atas2 tuh….

    • falia
    • September 17th, 2011

    i like this!!

  209. wh0aa ! LEE KIKWANG 😀 saranghae ❤

    • natalia9034
    • September 17th, 2011

    cool band:)

    • raina
    • September 17th, 2011

    yoesob is so cute. doonjoon is a great kapten. gikwang is a handsome man + boy. junhyung is the greatest rapper. hyunseung has a great voice. and dongwoon has a great voice also. they are so young but did in the korean hollywood. congratulation


    • Kyukie ChanChan
    • September 18th, 2011

    saranghaeyo beast!! i’m ur no. 1 fan ever!!!♥♥ beast fighting!! BEAST is the BEST!!

    • 09262104396
    • September 18th, 2011

    b2st ui iam paen

    • seunchori
    • September 21st, 2011

    jun hyun oppa …i love him and his voice man….sarang hea…4 ever…..<3<3<3

    • Sonam Dhekey
    • September 21st, 2011

    i love you…..
    hoping to see you


  211. love BEAST……

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  212. lpove dongwoon! love beast!

  213. saranghaeyo forever..
    seobbie oppa…~~

    saranghaeyo~maknae wonnie..~~

    I will always love you forever…~~ ❤
    i love U bu2ty 🙂

    • ana delia
    • September 24th, 2011

    omg they r so cute!!!

    • aQue sikin
    • September 26th, 2011

    l0ve yang y0seob,,
    PleaSe c0me 2 malaysia..
    sarangheY0 y0seob..
    sarangheY0 beast..

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    • October 2nd, 2011

    sarangheYO beast. I love your song very much. I will always support you for……..ever. saranghe to you yo seop

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    • Soo
    • October 3rd, 2011

    Batoost<3 I'm a Yoonique/DJ!!! GO B2ST
    Yoon Doo Joon 🙂

    • iqbaL_B2ST
    • October 5th, 2011

    iqbaL_B2ST :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    yess B2ST is the bess !! … >_<

  215. Yo Seob was the very HANDSOME than the other.!!!Saranghae Yo Seob forever

  216. beast is the best…

    • October 9th, 2011


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    i like your cute face , your sweet smile and your voice ! o.m.g !
    i fall in love with you ! but i always support all b2st member because they soooo BEAST and daebak !!! fighting b2st and make more the best song ! seriusly…i like b2st new song FICTION ! fighting2x

      • horselover
      • October 28th, 2011


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  219. beast , iloveyou so much .

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    i wish they will have a concert here in the philippines
    i heart beast ..

    • Chanel
    • October 20th, 2011

    Kikwang is the lead vocalist AND main dancer?

    • Yong Junhyung
    • October 21st, 2011

    LOL junhyung looks so derp in the picture! XD it’s okay I still love you 🙂

    • donnel
    • October 21st, 2011

    first time i saw you guys perform on MTV WORLD STAGE LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2011 i fell in love with your songs and dance moves since, hope you could come to MANILA, PHILIPPINES held a concert in the near future…

    • kimberly
    • October 25th, 2011

    ilove ki kwang

  222. I really love them!

  223. seob is the lead vocalist what are u saying kwang being the lead he wishes =)))

    • horselover
    • October 28th, 2011

    Yosub and Doojoon ❤

    • 3sh4
    • November 2nd, 2011

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    • 3sh4
    • November 2nd, 2011

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    b2st no 1

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    • November 5th, 2011

    Beast is the best….
    Lagi senang ama lagu2 mereka…keren keren
    Gikwang n dongwoon ganteng deh ^^

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    • November 6th, 2011

    AHHHHH……….b2st <3<3<3<3<3<3 ….love you all….love b2st…..son dongwoon,yoon doojoon n yong junhyung…..i very like you….dongwoon you very cute n handsome….you cute maknae…i want to see you…i'm very interest in you….you are very funny….love you (dongwoon,doojoon n junhyung)

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    Just love everything about him… Voice, body :Q, behavior just everything.

    • Audrey/Dulei :)
    • November 17th, 2011

    i love Dong Woon..he’s so cool yet sweet!! 🙂

    • Melody
    • November 17th, 2011

    i love B2ST!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless u guys:) ❤

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    I love you YoSeob

    You will always be in my heart

    • YEJ of Beast Fan
    • November 18th, 2011

    i really love beast… i hope the admin change the idol picture with the new or even they seem so cute picture.. so the idol can be more popular.. i hope the admin consider this proposal… thanks..

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    he so cute…

    • happygurl
    • November 20th, 2011

    Dear BEAST,
    its your fault for making me stay up late (its 3 am now) 😀 … Your songs are currently ‘haunting’ me.. Gikwang, ur the one i can’t get rid outta my mind..

    – sincerely, me 🙂

    • mirmblaq
    • November 21st, 2011

    lee ki wang loe love

    • yana
    • November 22nd, 2011

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    • flora lee
    • November 22nd, 2011



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    • yang song hyun
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    yang song hyun :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I LOVE BST SO MUCH !!!! i want so see B2ST 😥 I kind of want to cry if you do not find group B2st 😥

    yang song hyun :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I LOVE BST SO MUCH !!!! i want so see B2ST 😥 I kind of want to cry if you do not find group B2st 😥

    yang song hyun :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I LOVE BST SO MUCH !!!! i want so see B2ST 😥 I kind of want to cry if you do not find group B2st 😥

    yang song hyun :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I LOVE BST SO MUCH !!!! i want so see B2ST 😥 I kind of want to cry if you do not find group B2st 😥

    yang song hyun :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I LOVE BST SO MUCH !!!! i want so see B2ST 😥 I kind of want to cry if you do not find group B2st 😥

    yang song hyun :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I LOVE BST SO MUCH !!!! i want so see B2ST 😥 I kind of want to cry if you do not find group B2st 😥

    yang song hyun :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I LOVE BST SO MUCH !!!! i want so see B2ST 😥 I kind of want to cry if you do not find group B2st 😥

    yang song hyun :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I LOVE BST SO MUCH !!!! i want so see B2ST 😥 I kind of want to cry if you do not find group B2st 😥

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    • Monique
    • November 26th, 2011

    Hello Losers!!!;D JunHyung Is Mineeeee!!!<3;*

    • cherra17
    • November 27th, 2011

    i like so much beast the best groups..

    • zhia
    • November 27th, 2011

    who is Go Hara’s Boyfriend???

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    • November 27th, 2011

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    Really cool site by the way ~

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    • November 28th, 2011

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  231. BEAST is the best.First time I watch video BEAST I most like Jun Hyung oppa.Jun Hyung good in rap.Actually,when I heard oppa in relationship with Hara I was very disappointed but it’s okey.I will support BEAST for ever.BEAST can you make a live performe at Kuching,Sarawak?I very hope you can.

    • MissAsianQueen
    • December 1st, 2011

    Holy Shit!>__< Kyaaaa!!!^3^ KiKwang's birthday is 1 day before mine!? Omo. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE:P

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    • tina
    • December 2nd, 2011

    Hi b2uties:) don’t forget to sopport beast at SBS MTV 2011..Vote for them..here is the link: http://www.mtv.co.kr/mini/best-of-the-best

    • lynn
    • December 3rd, 2011

    Beast hwaiting:-)

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    • December 4th, 2011

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    I love u all was nice seeing u in cube london last night u guys wer amazing .. love u son dongwoon ❤

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    • December 6th, 2011

    i have a really strange hobby,,,that is i always watch beast mv before i go to sleep,,,and now listening to their song fiction,,,next is trouble maker(hyunseung and hyuna brand new album)….am i sick or something???no,,no,,no,,i’m not sick,,i just crazy about beast……
    all of the group members,,,i wish you luck,,and keep on success in future,,,and also win a lot of awards after this mnet music award(mama)!!!!

    • Ur_Gurl
    • December 7th, 2011

    luv Beast ❤ 4-ever xDD

    • p.wei
    • December 10th, 2011

    ❤ Yang Yoseob,,i Love U ❤

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    you look so smart………..

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  234. your so handsome and you friend

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    • December 19th, 2011

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    • December 20th, 2011

    Hyun Seung ♥

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    • Setya_M!nh0
    • December 23rd, 2011

    Aq,, Bingung.. Nama aslii na tu “Lee Gi kwang” atw “Lee kikwang”,,
    tp ora opo-opo aq bingung.. yg pnting _Oppa Saranghae_

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    • December 24th, 2011

    i love all you boys so much!!!!!

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    • December 27th, 2011

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    • December 27th, 2011

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  242. i lo
    ve u beast…im your number1 fan..i love you

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    • B2ND Lovers
    • December 30th, 2011

    Love DuJun and GiKwang also Yoseob and Junhyung
    My Fav member B2ST Chart
    1st=DuJun=He play at FC Men with GiKwang also ever joined with DamBi Group for helping other country who need assistance, including African for helping example:water,foods,etc.In B2ST he been called Yoon Leader
    2nd=GiKwang=He also played at FC Men with DuJun,in B2ST he been called Kiki,Kwangie.
    3rd=Yoseob=He ever had plastic surgery in his nose for kills infection in his nose!!!and also ever been registered in FC Men with Junhyung in B2ST he been called Seobie,Unofficial Maknae,Yang-Yo He was transfered from SteamBoat Entertainment to CUBE Entertainent.
    4th=Junhyung=The Boyfriend of Hara from KARA also ever been registered in FC Men with Yoseob and before debut in B2ST he debut in XING.He been called Untouchable Joker,The Joker,Yonggun Under XING nickname:Poppin Dragon
    5th=DongWoon=He’s the maknae of B2ST.in B2ST he been called Son NamShin(Son Male God) and Son Arab
    6th=Hyunseung=He in B2ST Been called:Rancho,4D Prince Jang
    Hope all of you that read this gets many Information
    B2UTIES whos want to ask about B2ST just in my Facebook or Twitter
    FaceBook Name:AudzLuckz Xwing DooSeobie (오드리)
    Twitter Name:@Knucksonic123

      • jamgee
      • December 10th, 2013

      So long lolxD

    • Diva
    • December 30th, 2011

    Congrats for winning on KBS’ Best song of the year!

    • huiyancannottellyou
    • December 31st, 2011

    hmm awesome page 🙂

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    • lovelyramanda
    • January 1st, 2012


    • nicole@yani
    • January 2nd, 2012

    i love Yang yoseob vry much
    (◕‿-)!! ~♥>

    n i love group beast too.beast you are the best in my life
    n one more thing i hope i can meet you one day

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    • Jasz
    • January 6th, 2012

    Who is JS in the Troublemaker which is collaborate with Hyun A ?

      • Akmalya
      • January 6th, 2012

      JS is the nickname of Hyunseung of B2ST.

        • Jasz
        • January 6th, 2012

        O, thx ^^ , Kamsahamnida

  246. Sorry because I late to say happy birthday to Jun Hyung oppa.
    But anyway ‘Happy Birthday,Jun Hyung’:D
    Love you all.

    • maizatul alia
    • January 9th, 2012

    i love beast……… exspecially yoseob i love yoseob he my husband

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    • Alysa Leng
    • January 15th, 2012


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    • January 17th, 2012

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    I always love yoseob ❤

    • acestar3016
    • January 18th, 2012

    acestar3016 :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    ME TOO~

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    • January 18th, 2012

    saranghe yoseob i love u very much and doojoon ur an amazing leader hwaiting oppas<333333

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    • Yuxuan
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