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Just in case you can’t remember…

These are the next profiles we promised to create!

3rd Place: History w/ 40 votes

4th Place: Kiss&Cry w/ 25 votes

5th Place: Halo w/ 24 votes

6th Place: LU:KAS w/ 19 votes

7th Place: LC9 w/ 18 votes

8th Place: B.I.G w/ 17 votes

9th place: Mamamoo w/ 16 votes

10th Place: AlphaBAT w/ 13 votes

11th Place: G.I. (Global Icon) w/ 9 votes

12th Place: Wonder Boyz w/ 8 votes

13th Place: Ulala Session w/ 7 votes

14th Place: WINGS w/ 5 votes

15th Place: Blady w/ 3 votes

16th Place: Troy w/ 2 vote

Last Place: N.O.M (Nature of Man) w/ 2 vote

ATTENTION: We’re Back Online!!!

All SuMandu-ers out there, how have you been? We’re back, and we’re ready to get this show on the road once more.

For this fall season, here’s what to expect.

1) Less idol profiles & more celebrity profiles 

– What does this mean? Simply put, our aim is to expand our audience to envelop not only Kpop groups, but actors, models, TV hosts, and Ulzzangs as well. In this sense, we hope to bring something new and fresh to the table to keep you guys — the SuMandu-ers — interested and always in-the-know, and us guys – the SuMandu Team – innovative and always up-to-date. Therefore, please anticipate some different publications in weeks to come!

2) More conversation

– Don’t forget…we have a Twitter page!! TALK to us. NAG us. FOLLOW us and let us know what it is you want to see on the site. We’re keen to developing strong, virtual relationships with our followers.

3) Updated “Hallyu Wave” Pages 

– One thing we really want to see blooming is our new “The Hallyu Wave” page. It’s been in the works for quite some while now, but now is the moment to take advantage of some great information and put it to good use! Look out for that.

And there you have it – our three initiatives. Join us in our fight to bring them to life. Come along on this journey with us, and we can grow together. SuMandu-ers, unite!

Continue to show support, and as always…don’t forget to share the Kpop love ❤

– SuMandu Team

She just killed it. And now I’m left wondering…

I have not seen this good a girl dancer for quite some time now. At least not since GLAM’s Zinni or 2NE1’s Minzy. And especially not since Kahi or BoA.

After happening to somehow come across this video of YG Entertainment’s new girl group in the making — debut date unknown (and very unlikely that it’ll be anytime soon) — that is better known as Pink Punk, I’m getting psyched and hyped for what YG has in store for us. If they have THIS trainee (featured in the video), I can only imagine what other trainees they have.

Yet after watching this clip, it made me think “Hmmm…if a trainee is this good before, is it possible that they actually somehow lose skills when they debut?” 

It’s quite possible, I believe. If you think about it, when you’re a trainee all you do is train. You haven’t debuted yet, right? So obviously you aren’t promoting any songs, you aren’t constantly traveling from one venue to the next for radio talk shows and interviews, and you definitely aren’t performing live on broadcast on the daily. Simply put, you have time; and all that time is probably spent towards practicing, learning dance routines, stretching vocal ranges, and working on your style. This means that you try, see, and do a million different things, all in simple hopes of figuring out just exactly what it is you’re going to be defined as when you go public, AKA debut.

So when you actually debut, you have it figured out (or at least, 90% figured out). The tension and anxiety during the trainee days is what pushed you to be diligent, diverse, and dynamic. But now that you’ve debuted, maybe some of that “push” has evolved into “peace”; and maybe now you start to ease up.

True, debuting means that you definitely grow wiser as you gain first-hand experience of being a pro, but the wisdom of being an idol lies on the “extreme-other-end” of the spectrum from the wisdom you gain while training (all that variety of training…down the drain now T^T)

But hold up don’t get your panties in a bunch! I was just stating my mind here, merely because when I think of the K-pop stars of now, I’ll admit that the fire and drive of 1st gen/2nd gen K-pop idols aren’t as intense as those of newly debuted rookie groups. My thought? Rookie groups are still fresh off the pan – they still have that same drive they had when they were pre-debut and all they could think about was just to debut. But through time 2PM, Big Bang, 2NE1, SNSD, Suju, SHINee, etc. etc. etc. have settled into their concepts, and are owning it. They don’t have the same feeling as, let’s say, they did back in 2006/07/08/09…but they definitely have got their own style down pat by now. Current groups that are reaching that level of sophistication coupled with avant garde? Infinite, Miss A, CN Blue, B2ST, and T-ara, just to name a few. Now compare them to After School. After School will most likely never reach that same level, and that’s probably because they’re always constantly switching gears — changing members = changing concepts. But it still works for them. Change is their only constant. And that’s their style, I guess: change.

Wow okay all of this mind-jargon just from a short dance clip. I’M LOSING IT.

So y’all. Mind leaving a comment about how you feel on this topic? It’ll be cool to know what you think!

Until next time,

– Jomarie

[UPDATE] Updated Trivia/Fun Facts on BTS Profile!!

I have to admit something…

I’ve fallen for Bangtan Boys

There. I’ve said it.

And now that the cat’s out of the bag, I’ll also go ahead and say that because of said falling-in-love-with-BTS, I went ahead and added more fun facts and trivia to their profile (because as a dedicated fan, your “job” — and I’m using the term loosely here — is to share fun information with those people AKA prospective fans of your bias group who want to learn more about them). So ta-da!

BTS (Bangtang Boys/Bulletproof Boy Scouts) Profile: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy-groups/bts-bangtan-boysbulletproof-boy-scouts-profile/

Now, I still Got7 as much as I have since the first day I fell head over heels for them (and if anything I love them even more now then before), but I’ve just enlisted in the A.R.M.Y, and man, it’s better than I thought it would be (YOU LIKE THAT PUN I DID THERE??? BOO YAH). And can I also just quickly mention that (OKAY DISCLAIMER HERE. DON’T HURT ME ALL YOU OTHER IGOT7S. THIS IS JUST MY ENTITLED OPINION THAT HAS NO NEGATIVE CONNOTATION TO IT WHATSOEVER ALTHOUGH IT MAY SEEM LIKE IT) the meaning behind BTS’s group name is soooooo much more meaningful than Got7’s. Yes, Got7’s group name makes complete sense on a literal level. They DO have seven members. But the fact that RapMon even said that Bulletproof Boy Scouts was chosen as the group’s name to serve as a representation for all the love and all the hate that young adults generally have towards the world today is much more substantial not just on a literal level, but on a rhetorical level as well. Flat across the board does it make sense that BTS is a boy group that simply wants to make the statement “We won’t allow society to determine our level of mentality; our substance; and our talent”. GO BANGTAN YOU TELL ‘EM. DO YOU BOO BOO. STAY TRUE.

Okay. This was just a quick update. Still working on that Topp Dogg profile for y’all out there. Keep on the lookout for that!

As always, don’t forget to share the K-pop love ❤ Until next time, this has been Jomarie!

[UPDATE] New Affiliate: WELCOME KPOP LISTS + The Official Celebrity Accounts Page Has Been REVAMPED + New Photos on Boyfriend Profile + WE NEED YOUR HELP STARLIGHTS & MELODIES

HERRO! (Imagine me saying that in Amber’s voice)

First thing’s first. We would like to introduce to you Mandu-ers a new affiliate of ours: welcome one and all, Kpop Lists!!! Yay! Check them out on their website to discover an extensive amount of information neatly compacted into these things called “lists” (I’ve never heard of them before, but they sure do seem to be quite beneficial) to help you discover everything you’ll ever need to know about the K-pop fandom. Oh! And while you’re at it, follow them on Twitter too. They’ll keep ya updated as they go.

Affiliates Page: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/about/affiliates/

And as for our second bit of information for y’all…we spent a tad bit of time (and by a tad, I mean A LOT) revamping our Official Celebrity Accounts page. We put in the Instagram accounts for a lot of groups, seeing as that at the time the page was first published, Instagram wasn’t as big as it is now, and in the time between then and now a lot of idols have created IG profiles. SOOOO, we went ahead and inserted those all in. Likewise, someone tipped us off on me2day recently shutting down (this was something we weren’t aware of). So once we found out, we went ahead and deleted all of the me2day accounts on the accounts page as well. All in all, we put in some things…got rid of some things…blah blah blah. Check it out!

Official Celebrity Accounts:

What we added (if only some members of a group are mentioned, it’s probably because we already have the others’ accounts listed on the page):

  1. 2AM’s Jokwon, Seulong, Chanming & Jinwoon’s Instagram accounts
  2. 2PM’s Wooyoung, Jun.K & Junho’s Instagram accounts
  3. 2ne1’s CL, Dara, Minzy & Bom’s Instagram accounts
  4. After School’s Jooyeong, Lizzy & Nana’s Instagram accounts
  5. Ailee’s Instagram account
  6. A-Jax’s Yunyoung’s Instagram account, as well as Hyeongkon, Jaehyun, Hyojun, Sungmin, Yunyoung, Seungjin & Seungyup’s Twitter accounts
  7. AOA’s Twitter, YouTube, & Facebook accounts
  8. B.A.P’s Daehyun, Zelo, Youngjae, Himchan & Jongup’s Instagram accounts
  9. B1A4’s Baro & CNU’s Instagram accounts
  10. B2ST’s Doojoon, Kikwang, Yoseob, Junhyung & Hyunseung’s Instagram accounts
  11. Baek Ji Young’s Instagram accoiunt
  12. BESTie’s Dahye, Hyeyeon & Haeryung’s Intagram and Twitter accounts + U-ji’s Twitter account
  13. Block B’s U-Kwon, B-Bomb, & Kyung’s Instagram accounts
  14. BoA’s Instagram account
  15. Boyfriend’s Donghyun, Minwoo, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, & Kwangmin’s Twitter accounts, as well as the group’s official website
  16. Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea & Miryo’s Instagram accounts
  17. BTOB’s Hyunsik, Minhyuk, Peniel & Sungjae’s Instagram accounts
  18. DMTN’s Inati, Daniel, Donglim, Jeesu, Simon & Dari’s Instagram accounts, as well as the group’s Google+ account
  19. Dok2’s Twitter & Instagram accounts
  20. Epik High’s DK Tukutz, Mithra Jin & Tablo’s Instagram accounts, as well as the group’s Facebook, YouTube & official website
  21. EvoL’s J-Da, Yull, Say & Hayana’s Instagram accounts, as well as their Twitter accounts + Jucy’s Twitter account, and the group’s Twitter and Facebook accounts
  22. EXID’S Le, Solji, Hyerin, Hani & Junghwa’s Instagram accounts
  23. f(x)’s Amber & Victoria’s Instagram accounts, as well as Amber’s Twitter account
  24. F.Cuz’s Kan & Yejun’s Instagram accounts
  25. F-ve Doll’s Hyewon, Nayeon & Seunghee’s Instagram accounts, as well as the group’s Twitter account
  26. Girl’s Day’s Sojin’s Instagram account
  27. Got7’s Mark, Bambam, JB & Jr.’s Twitter accounts
  28. JYJ’s Jaejoong’s Instagram account
  29. K.Will’s Facebook & Twitter accounts
  30. Kara’s Hyuri, Hara & Seungyeon’s Instagram accounts, as well as the group’s Twitter acount
  31. LED Apple’s Hanbyul, Hyoseok, Kwangyeon, Kyumin & Youngjun’s Instagram accounts
  32. Lee Hi’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & official website
  33. Miss A’s Fei & Jia’s Instagram accounts
  34. MYNAME’s Gunwoo, Insoo, Jun-Q & Chaejin’s Instagram accounts, as well as the group’s Facebook & YouTube accounts
  35. Navi’s Instagram & Twitter accounts
  36. Nine Muse’s Euaerin, Hyemi, Hyuna, Kyungri, Minha, & Sungah’s Instagram accounts
  37. NU’EST’s Ren & Aron’s Twitter accounts, as well as Aron & Baekho’s Instagram accounts
  38. PSY’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, & official website
  39. Rain’s Twitter, Instagram & Facebook accounts
  40. Rainbow’s  Hyunyoung, Jaekyung, Noeul, Seungah, Woori & Yoonhye’s Instagram accounts
  41. SHINee’s Onew’s Twitter account & Key’s Instagram account
  42. Shinhwa’s Eric’s Twitter account
  43. Sistar’s official website
  44. Son Dam Bi’s Twitter & Instagram accounts
  45. STELLAR’s Gayoung, Hyoeun, Jooyool & Minhee’s Instagram accounts, as well as Gayoung, Jeo Yuri, Joa, & Leeseul’s Twitter accounts
  46. Sunmi’s Twitter & Instagram accounts, as well as her official website
  47. Supernova’s Geonil, Jihyuk, Kwangsoo & Sungje’s Instagram accounts
  48. Supreme Team’s E-sen’s Twitter account (I know that they aren’t a duo anymore, but I still kept both Simon D and E-sens under this name just to make it easier for those that don’t know that Simon D is now under AOMG)
  49. Super Junior’s Heechul, Henry, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kangin, Shindong & Yesung’s Instagram accounts
  50. Tahiti’s Ari, Jisoo & Minjae’s Twitter accounts, as well as the group’s Twitter account
  51. Teen Top’s Changjo’s Instagram account, as well as L.Joe, Chanjo, C.A.P, Ricky, Chunji & Niel’s Twitter accounts
  52. The BOSS’s Mika, Jay, Hyunmin & Imjun’s Instagram accounts
  53. U-Kiss’s Eli’s Instagram account
  54. Uhm Jung Hwa’s Twitter & Instagram accounts
  55. Wa$$up’s Dain, Jiae, Jinju, Nada, Nari, Sujin & Wooju’s Twitter & Instagram accounts
  56. Wheesung’s Twitter account
  57. WING’s Nayeon & Yeseul’s Twitter & Instagram accounts, as well as the duo’s Twitter & Instagram accounts
  58. Wonder Boyz’s Bakchigi, K & Master One’s Instagram accounts + Twitter Acounts, and Young Boy’s Twitter account
  59. Wonder Girls’ Hyelim, Yoobin & Yenny’s Instagram accounts, as well as Hyelim’s Twitter account
  60. ZE:A’s Hyungsik, Junyoung, Kwanghee & Minwoo’s Instagram accounts
  61. Zion T’s Instagram account

Additionally, we took the time to quickly update the photos on Boyfriend’s profile. They were a little old, and we thought we’d refresh them. This is something we plan to do with a lot more other profiles as well.

Boyfriend Profile: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy-groups/boyfriend-profile/

Well, that’s that! We’ll continue to work on updating Block B and ChoColat’s profile for now.

OH BTW. If you guys would be so kind to help out (especially all of you Starlights and Melodies out there), we want to add more trivia/fun facts to our VIXX and BTOB profiles. Someone posted on Twitter that Got7’s profile was pretty extensive (hehe she noticed that I was a fan I’m guilty I admit) in comparison to VIXX’s and BTOB’s, so I want to change that. If you guys know any bit of helpful/informative fun facts on these two groups, then shoot us an e-mail at sumandu.wordpress@gmail.com. Now of course, we won’t just go ahead and take your word for it at first glance. We’ll make sure to back up any and all information you send us with research, so that we don’t post anything that isn’t true. We’ll give credit to you as well.

Contact Us: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/about/contact-us/

Okay! That’s it for today. Sadly, YG trolled us on WINNER’s debut (we should’ve saw that coming), so we’re going to cry. Jk. Until next time; and don’t forget to share the K-pop love ❤

– Jomarie

[UPDATE] New WINNER Profile + WINNER’s Official Accounts Added!!

The time has finally come. We now present to you guys… our very one and only…there are no other like its kind…drum roll pleaseWINNER profile!!!

Yes yes, it took much longer than we would’ve liked it to be, and we’re greatly apologetic for that. But it’s here now, just right before their official August 1st debut, and we hope that you guys – fans of WINNER and non-fans alike (yet) – will find this helpful in trying to get to know them better and with matching their names to their faces.

We’re missing a smalllll amount of info (like the nicknames for three of the five members, but we’re hoping that’ll change reaaal fast as people start to get to know them better), and we’d also like to put a lot more trivia/fun facts in, but things are limited right now pre-debut era…so just wait and in time we WILL update that.

So, with no further ado, check our our newly published WINNER profile, and spazz out at their glorious faces.

WINNER Profile: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy-groups/winner-profile/

Also, with making a new profile, we likewise went ahead and added all of their official accounts to our Official Celebrity Accounts page. Check this out if you’re looking for their Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Naver Cafe, etc. etc. etc.

Official Celebrity Accounts: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/more-k-pop-information/official-celebrity-accounts/

Okay. That’s all for our update today. The next profile we will work on will be Topp Dogg’s profile, and we’ll also update ChoColat’s profile.  So be on the lookout for those changes!

For those of you that might have already forgotten the order in which the future profiles shall be made, look below to get a glimpse of how this blog will look in the weeks to come:

3rd Place: History w/ 40 votes

4th Place: Kiss&Cry w/ 25 votes

5th Place: Halo w/ 24 votes

6th Place: LU:KAS w/ 19 votes

7th Place: LC9 w/ 18 votes

8th Place: B.I.G w/ 17 votes

9th place: Mamamoo w/ 16 votes

10th Place: AlphaBAT w/ 13 votes

11th Place: G.I. (Global Icon) w/ 9 votes

12th Place: Wonder Boyz w/ 8 votes

13th Place: Ulala Session w/ 7 votes

14th Place: WINGS w/ 5 votes

15th Place: Blady w/ 3 votes

16th Place: Troy w/ 2 vote

Last Place: N.O.M (Nature of Man) w/ 2 votes


As always, follow us on our second Twitter for more updates (although we’ve been a tad bit laggy on this lately as well), and don’t forget to share the K-Pop love ❤

(And for those of you going to KCON2014 in a few days, I am 100% jealous. But I still got the 19th Annual Chicago K-Fest coming up, so yay for me!)

Much love,

– Jomarie (: