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beomjun busker busker

Stage Name: Beomjun

Name: Jang Beom Jun

Position: Lead Vocals, Leader/Founder, Guitarist, Songwriter

Birthdate: May 16, 1989

Hobbies: Writing and composing music

Specialties: Acting adorable and naive, art (especially drawing)

Trivia: – He originally started the band with his idea of wanting to create a “busking art group that focused on street performances” in order to bring an artistic cultural presence to the streets of Korea
– Busker Busker didn’t originally have all three members that they do now at first (except for Beomjun who stayed consistently in the group throughout) because new people would rotate in and out in between street performances
– When Busker Busker decided to audition for SuperStar K3, Beomjun finalized that only Brad, Hyungtae, and himself would be in the group (because they were the only ones eligible to participate in the show)
– He composed and wrote all the music for all eleven tracks on their first album
– His hometown is Cheonan, but he is from Gwangju
– He started playing guitar at the age of fifteen to express his feelings
– His sources of inspiration are love and women
– One of his favorite musicians is Nell
– He attended Sangmyung University, where he majored in cartooning
– He is a regular on the OnStyle show Golden 12 with Lee Hyori
– He chose the name “Busker Busker” for the group, because the word “busker” generally means “a musician in the street”
– He has received awards in numerous art contests ever since he was an adolescent

hyungtae busker busker

Stage Name: Hyungtae

Name: Kim Hyung Tae

Position: Bassist, Maknae

Birthdate: December 21, 1991

Trivia: – He first met the leader Beomjun at a convenience store in 2010, where he was asking for a part-time job from the manager so that he could earn money for the entrance fee to Sangmyung University, even though at the time he wasn’t at the right age for taking the entrance exams
– He lives in Cheonan currently, but was born in Gimhae (South Gyeongsang)
– He started to play the bass at the age of twenty because he thought it would be fun
– He and Beomjun together formed their own duo band called Pinky Winky before forming Busker Busker
– He did not grow up learning how to play the bass. In fact, when first appearing on SuperStar K3, he had only been learning how to play the bass for two months

brad busker busker

Stage Name: Brad

Name: Bradley Ray Moore

Position: Drummer

Birthdate: August 3, 1984

Specialties: Teaching English and acting silly

Trivia: – He was an English professor at Sangmyung University before he became a drummer for the band
– He was born in Fairfield, Ohio in America
– He is married to his longtime girlfriend Dani
– He was recruited in 2011 by Beomjun because their original drummer left for the army
– He first met Hyungtae and Beomjun when the two were performing on the streets together. His girlfriend and him were walking by when they noticed the band playing and gave them 5000 Won, which was exceptionally high for a tip, and so Beomjun felt prompted to meet Brad and say thank you
– Beomjun’s first intention of recruiting Brad – besides for his drumming talent -was because he knew Busker Busker would need a member with a car in order to travel to-and-fro from Cheonan to the filming location of SuperStar K3
– Alongside working hard as a group, he values the idea of relaxing and “chilling out”, two things which he advises the other members to never forget to do amidst the hustle and bustle of the K-Pop industry
– He actually cannot speak Korean all that well
– He started to play drums at the age of thirteen
– His muse is Danny from The Killers, which is a band he really likes
– He is close friends with YouTube sensations Martina and Simon Stowski from the popular blog eatyorkimchi, and they even attended his Korean styled wedding


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