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Birth Name: Kang Hee Gun

Stage Name: Gary or Garie

Birthday: February 24, 1978

Height: 174 cm

Role: Rapper

Trivia: Has been a long-since recurring member of SBS’s variety program Running Man, where he is in a fictional relationship with cast-mate and actress Song Ji Hyo. He is also good at soccer. Unlike his strong, swagger-like presence onstage, offstage he is more calm, comedic, and light-hearted.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/garie5882


Birth Name: Gil Seong Joon

Stage Name: Gil

Birthday: December 24, 1977

Height: 178 cm

Role: Vocalist

Trivia: Is highly sensitive about his baldness.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/GillMeo



Leessang of Honey Family (2002)
재, 계발 (再啓發) (2003)
Leessang, Special Jungin (2004)
Library Of Soul (2005)
Black Sun (2007)
백아절현 (伯牙絶鉉) (2009)
Hexagonal (2009)
AsuRa BalBalTa (2011)
Unplugged (2012)


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