MAMA Winners

Artist of the Year: 2PM

Best Song: 2NE1’s I Don’t Care

Best Album: G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker

Best Male Group: 2PM

Best Female Group: Brown Eyed Girls

Best MV: 2NE1’s Fire

Best Asian Composer: JYP

Best Female Solo Artist: Baek Ji Young

Best Male Solo Artist: Drunken Tiger

Best Representative for Asia: Dong Bang Shin Ki

Best R&B/Ballad Song: Kim Tae Woo’s Love Rain

Best House/Electronic: Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra

Asian Recommend: AKB48

Best Rock Song: Boowhal’s Remembering

Best Hip Hop Artist: Leessang

Best Mixed Gender Group: 8Eight

Best OST Award: SS501’s Because I’m Stupid for Boys Over Flowers

Best Dance: Kara’s Honey

Best Trot Award: Hong Jin Yong’s Love Battery

Best New Female Artist: 2NE1

Best New Male Artist: Supremes

CGV Popularity Award: Super Junior (Did not attend)

Overseas Viewer Award: Super Junior

Mobile Popularity Award: Super Junior

Music Portal Mnet Award: 2NE1

Director of Music Video Award: Hong Won Ki

So, who were you all happy about winning? I was definitely satisfied with the choices made, even if it wasn’t how i voted. all i can is : yes! Frickin’ 2pm won Artists of the Year !!!!! Whoooo! Jaebeom must be so proud! 2pm FTW and they did it! but other than that i’m super siked that GD won for best album because i totally adore. listen to it ALL the time. & Congrats to 2ne1 for winning so much stuuf! well deserved. did you see their performances? HOT. especially the one with CL and Minzy, GD was smiling all big and Taewoo was raisin the roof. oh, he won too, yay! and yay to JYP for his award, well deserved (; and Brown Eyed Girls!  (i still wonder if SM didn’t boycott this, would SNSD would have won? & f(x)? because i swore online SNSD and f(x) were in the lead) but whatever. i’m happy. i wasn’t lookin’ forward to MAMA, because it rigged. (hence another reason why Sones and Wonderfuls don’t get along, WG won last year, but it was honestly evident that SNSD had more sales.) but now i can’t wait for the melon Awards! Beauty Female artist of the year, Beak Ji Young and Ballad Song winner, Taewoo will be hosting! stayed tuned!



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