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[UPDATE] New Affiliate: WELCOME KPOP LISTS + The Official Celebrity Accounts Page Has Been REVAMPED + New Photos on Boyfriend Profile + WE NEED YOUR HELP STARLIGHTS & MELODIES

HERRO! (Imagine me saying that in Amber’s voice)

First thing’s first. We would like to introduce to you Mandu-ers a new affiliate of ours: welcome one and all, Kpop Lists!!! Yay! Check them out on their website to discover an extensive amount of information neatly compacted into these things called “lists” (I’ve never heard of them before, but they sure do seem to be quite beneficial) to help you discover everything you’ll ever need to know about the K-pop fandom. Oh! And while you’re at it, follow them on Twitter too. They’ll keep ya updated as they go.

Affiliates Page:

And as for our second bit of information for y’all…we spent a tad bit of time (and by a tad, I mean A LOT) revamping our Official Celebrity Accounts page. We put in the Instagram accounts for a lot of groups, seeing as that at the time the page was first published, Instagram wasn’t as big as it is now, and in the time between then and now a lot of idols have created IG profiles. SOOOO, we went ahead and inserted those all in. Likewise, someone tipped us off on me2day recently shutting down (this was something we weren’t aware of). So once we found out, we went ahead and deleted all of the me2day accounts on the accounts page as well. All in all, we put in some things…got rid of some things…blah blah blah. Check it out!

Official Celebrity Accounts:

What we added (if only some members of a group are mentioned, it’s probably because we already have the others’ accounts listed on the page):

  1. 2AM’s Jokwon, Seulong, Chanming & Jinwoon’s Instagram accounts
  2. 2PM’s Wooyoung, Jun.K & Junho’s Instagram accounts
  3. 2ne1’s CL, Dara, Minzy & Bom’s Instagram accounts
  4. After School’s Jooyeong, Lizzy & Nana’s Instagram accounts
  5. Ailee’s Instagram account
  6. A-Jax’s Yunyoung’s Instagram account, as well as Hyeongkon, Jaehyun, Hyojun, Sungmin, Yunyoung, Seungjin & Seungyup’s Twitter accounts
  7. AOA’s Twitter, YouTube, & Facebook accounts
  8. B.A.P’s Daehyun, Zelo, Youngjae, Himchan & Jongup’s Instagram accounts
  9. B1A4’s Baro & CNU’s Instagram accounts
  10. B2ST’s Doojoon, Kikwang, Yoseob, Junhyung & Hyunseung’s Instagram accounts
  11. Baek Ji Young’s Instagram accoiunt
  12. BESTie’s Dahye, Hyeyeon & Haeryung’s Intagram and Twitter accounts + U-ji’s Twitter account
  13. Block B’s U-Kwon, B-Bomb, & Kyung’s Instagram accounts
  14. BoA’s Instagram account
  15. Boyfriend’s Donghyun, Minwoo, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, & Kwangmin’s Twitter accounts, as well as the group’s official website
  16. Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea & Miryo’s Instagram accounts
  17. BTOB’s Hyunsik, Minhyuk, Peniel & Sungjae’s Instagram accounts
  18. DMTN’s Inati, Daniel, Donglim, Jeesu, Simon & Dari’s Instagram accounts, as well as the group’s Google+ account
  19. Dok2’s Twitter & Instagram accounts
  20. Epik High’s DK Tukutz, Mithra Jin & Tablo’s Instagram accounts, as well as the group’s Facebook, YouTube & official website
  21. EvoL’s J-Da, Yull, Say & Hayana’s Instagram accounts, as well as their Twitter accounts + Jucy’s Twitter account, and the group’s Twitter and Facebook accounts
  22. EXID’S Le, Solji, Hyerin, Hani & Junghwa’s Instagram accounts
  23. f(x)’s Amber & Victoria’s Instagram accounts, as well as Amber’s Twitter account
  24. F.Cuz’s Kan & Yejun’s Instagram accounts
  25. F-ve Doll’s Hyewon, Nayeon & Seunghee’s Instagram accounts, as well as the group’s Twitter account
  26. Girl’s Day’s Sojin’s Instagram account
  27. Got7’s Mark, Bambam, JB & Jr.’s Twitter accounts
  28. JYJ’s Jaejoong’s Instagram account
  29. K.Will’s Facebook & Twitter accounts
  30. Kara’s Hyuri, Hara & Seungyeon’s Instagram accounts, as well as the group’s Twitter acount
  31. LED Apple’s Hanbyul, Hyoseok, Kwangyeon, Kyumin & Youngjun’s Instagram accounts
  32. Lee Hi’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & official website
  33. Miss A’s Fei & Jia’s Instagram accounts
  34. MYNAME’s Gunwoo, Insoo, Jun-Q & Chaejin’s Instagram accounts, as well as the group’s Facebook & YouTube accounts
  35. Navi’s Instagram & Twitter accounts
  36. Nine Muse’s Euaerin, Hyemi, Hyuna, Kyungri, Minha, & Sungah’s Instagram accounts
  37. NU’EST’s Ren & Aron’s Twitter accounts, as well as Aron & Baekho’s Instagram accounts
  38. PSY’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, & official website
  39. Rain’s Twitter, Instagram & Facebook accounts
  40. Rainbow’s  Hyunyoung, Jaekyung, Noeul, Seungah, Woori & Yoonhye’s Instagram accounts
  41. SHINee’s Onew’s Twitter account & Key’s Instagram account
  42. Shinhwa’s Eric’s Twitter account
  43. Sistar’s official website
  44. Son Dam Bi’s Twitter & Instagram accounts
  45. STELLAR’s Gayoung, Hyoeun, Jooyool & Minhee’s Instagram accounts, as well as Gayoung, Jeo Yuri, Joa, & Leeseul’s Twitter accounts
  46. Sunmi’s Twitter & Instagram accounts, as well as her official website
  47. Supernova’s Geonil, Jihyuk, Kwangsoo & Sungje’s Instagram accounts
  48. Supreme Team’s E-sen’s Twitter account (I know that they aren’t a duo anymore, but I still kept both Simon D and E-sens under this name just to make it easier for those that don’t know that Simon D is now under AOMG)
  49. Super Junior’s Heechul, Henry, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kangin, Shindong & Yesung’s Instagram accounts
  50. Tahiti’s Ari, Jisoo & Minjae’s Twitter accounts, as well as the group’s Twitter account
  51. Teen Top’s Changjo’s Instagram account, as well as L.Joe, Chanjo, C.A.P, Ricky, Chunji & Niel’s Twitter accounts
  52. The BOSS’s Mika, Jay, Hyunmin & Imjun’s Instagram accounts
  53. U-Kiss’s Eli’s Instagram account
  54. Uhm Jung Hwa’s Twitter & Instagram accounts
  55. Wa$$up’s Dain, Jiae, Jinju, Nada, Nari, Sujin & Wooju’s Twitter & Instagram accounts
  56. Wheesung’s Twitter account
  57. WING’s Nayeon & Yeseul’s Twitter & Instagram accounts, as well as the duo’s Twitter & Instagram accounts
  58. Wonder Boyz’s Bakchigi, K & Master One’s Instagram accounts + Twitter Acounts, and Young Boy’s Twitter account
  59. Wonder Girls’ Hyelim, Yoobin & Yenny’s Instagram accounts, as well as Hyelim’s Twitter account
  60. ZE:A’s Hyungsik, Junyoung, Kwanghee & Minwoo’s Instagram accounts
  61. Zion T’s Instagram account

Additionally, we took the time to quickly update the photos on Boyfriend’s profile. They were a little old, and we thought we’d refresh them. This is something we plan to do with a lot more other profiles as well.

Boyfriend Profile:

Well, that’s that! We’ll continue to work on updating Block B and ChoColat’s profile for now.

OH BTW. If you guys would be so kind to help out (especially all of you Starlights and Melodies out there), we want to add more trivia/fun facts to our VIXX and BTOB profiles. Someone posted on Twitter that Got7’s profile was pretty extensive (hehe she noticed that I was a fan I’m guilty I admit) in comparison to VIXX’s and BTOB’s, so I want to change that. If you guys know any bit of helpful/informative fun facts on these two groups, then shoot us an e-mail at Now of course, we won’t just go ahead and take your word for it at first glance. We’ll make sure to back up any and all information you send us with research, so that we don’t post anything that isn’t true. We’ll give credit to you as well.

Contact Us:

Okay! That’s it for today. Sadly, YG trolled us on WINNER’s debut (we should’ve saw that coming), so we’re going to cry. Jk. Until next time; and don’t forget to share the K-pop love ❤

– Jomarie


[UPDATE] Updated AOA Profile + New Profiles + Official Accounts + New Page!!

Today’s update is as follows:

1) I was going through Twitter and came across somebody tweeting a link of our AOA profile to a friend of theirs (probably because they’re new to the fandom and wanted to get to know each member’s name), but they also said that the profile was old and that they would send them another link to a new, updated, and more accurate profile. I was, like, WTF MAN I NEED TO GO FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY. I guess my inner competitive side was starting to break the mold, because instantly I felt like SuMandu wasn’t living up to my expectations of being a top-notch provider on all things K-pop. And so, after reading that I opened up our AOA page and got to work right away. Then ta-da! Here we are now with a newly updated AOA profile. I made sure to include juicy trivia facts (because that’s how I like to roll, y’know), added their blood types, and I changed all of their old photos to more recent snaps of them. Here on SuMandu, I like to keep things fresh, ya feel me?

Now, one thing I want to mention about AOA that explains why I like them so much is because they’re not just a group, but a  band, too. Like, a legit, straight-up, hands down, full on band. But there’s also more to it. Here’s the scoop:

Originally, it used to be that AOA’s band and idol group had practiced separately from each other. There were two teams, called the White Team and the Black Team, and the White Team would have practices early in the morning and the Black Team would likewise do so in the afternoon. However, now, there are no White and Black Teams, and instead both the band and the idol group have practice simultaneously. In other words, the band practices with their instruments while the idol group has dance practice. The reason why I like this is because it fosters a better, more interactive relationship amongst the members. By keeping the practice within the same time slot, they have more time to practice as both a “band + dance” group. This way of tackling the matter works symbiotically – it benefits both sides of the spectrum. It’s so much more efficient as it if effective. And the fact that the company enables them to work this way is just overall creating a healthier environment for the members to work in together as a functioning unit, not as divided entities.

Anyways…I’m getting off topic. AOA has a lot of jutzpah to their name, and they’re definitely living up to it. As I mentioned in my previous post where I talked about K-pop’s transformation in the past five years and how it’s making a major comeback this year, I touched down on the fact that rookie groups of late are definitely the “in” thing, and AOA is living proof of it. If you guys don’t already know it, I’ve always been more into girl groups when I first fell into the K-pop fandom (After School, 2NE1, Sistar are my absolute all time favorites, even though it was a boy group who got me into K-pop in the first place), but recently I have been falling for boy groups just as much (2PM, U-Kiss, Got7, Infinite). However, AOA is slowly and steadily creeping up onto my bias list and wrecking things up. They have got some seriously nice bodies too. Nice enough to compete with Secret, Sistar, and After School.

So, if you guys want to find out more about this girl group that is more than what they seem, click on over to their profile!

AOA (Ace of Angels) Profile:

2) As promised, I have two new profiles for you guys. And also as promised, they are Eric Nam’s profile and Akdong Musician’s profile. These profiles were actually quite fun to make! I’ll admit that. Eric Nam in general is such a spunky, funky, cool and fresh dude that his profile is a joy to read. Automatically you’ll start to feel like you’ve been best friends forever. I’m actually very glad that Eric Nam decided to enter this business, because he brings such a refreshing vibe to K-pop that I think he might be one of the very few but important artists who can act as catalysts and slowly push the concept of what K-pop is towards something much more real and substantial. Yet AKMU on the other hand — although there isn’t a lot of information about them that is available yet — is quite the original and bright duo that their profile one-hundred per cent felt like I was sincerely trying to get to know them better on the scale of an endearing fan’s perspective. So if I felt that way, maybe you will too?

Eric Nam Profile:

Akdong Musician (AKMU) Profile:

OMG yeah and AKMU’s new song “I Love You” is totally giving me the feels, man. Totes. Can someone tell me who that guy (Soohyun’s love interest) in the MV is? BECAUSE HE IS ABSOLUTELY ADORBS.

3) Of course, as I’ve been doing so in the past, I continue to do so now the tradition of making a new profile and simultaneously adding the official accounts paired with the members of said profiles to the Official Celebrity Accounts page. SO CHECK THOSE OUT ALL OF YOU HARDCORE DIE HARD FANS OUT THERE.

Official Celebrity Accounts:

3) As you may or may not know (you probably don’t, though), I’m working on an entirely new section of this blog called “The Hallyu Wave”, featuring more personal pieces such as reviews, critiques, showdowns, blah blah blah. Well, I’ve added on another page under “The Hallyu Wave” called “Korean Games“, where we’ll give you the full-on breakdown and 101 on some of the most popular and common Korean hand games, drinking games, and board games (????) alike! So if you want a better break down, just click on the following link, and be prepared for when we start posting more pages!

Korean Games:

4) Quickly, I must mention that it has only been about a week or so since I’ve been back, and I’m still making adjustments to this site as a whole. As a part of that, I’ll have to tell you guys now that if you’re looking for some Twitter accounts of duos or solo artists (keep in mind, the profiles of duos and solo artists who have been published before 2013), then you should be able to find them on their individual profiles and not on the Official Celebrity Accounts page…or at least, just for right now. In time, I’ll make the adjustment to have ALL official accounts (including Twitter) listed under our Official Celebrity Accounts page, but for now, things aren’t as organized as I want them to be.


And that’s, that! I’m going to continue working on the site, since I’m not completely finished with some things here. I’ll post again later! Make sure to check our Twitter, too, if you want to keep more up-to-date. I’m off to work on some new pages under The Hallyu Wave section, and then update our Block B. profile (I’ve got some major trivia facts for you guys…just you wait!)

Toodle-loo fellow Mandu-ers!

– Jomarie