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She just killed it. And now I’m left wondering…

I have not seen this good a girl dancer for quite some time now. At least not since GLAM’s Zinni or 2NE1’s Minzy. And especially not since Kahi or BoA.

After happening to somehow come across this video of YG Entertainment’s new girl group in the making — debut date unknown (and very unlikely that it’ll be anytime soon) — that is better known as Pink Punk, I’m getting psyched and hyped for what YG has in store for us. If they have THIS trainee (featured in the video), I can only imagine what other trainees they have.

Yet after watching this clip, it made me think “Hmmm…if a trainee is this good before, is it possible that they actually somehow lose skills when they debut?” 

It’s quite possible, I believe. If you think about it, when you’re a trainee all you do is train. You haven’t debuted yet, right? So obviously you aren’t promoting any songs, you aren’t constantly traveling from one venue to the next for radio talk shows and interviews, and you definitely aren’t performing live on broadcast on the daily. Simply put, you have time; and all that time is probably spent towards practicing, learning dance routines, stretching vocal ranges, and working on your style. This means that you try, see, and do a million different things, all in simple hopes of figuring out just exactly what it is you’re going to be defined as when you go public, AKA debut.

So when you actually debut, you have it figured out (or at least, 90% figured out). The tension and anxiety during the trainee days is what pushed you to be diligent, diverse, and dynamic. But now that you’ve debuted, maybe some of that “push” has evolved into “peace”; and maybe now you start to ease up.

True, debuting means that you definitely grow wiser as you gain first-hand experience of being a pro, but the wisdom of being an idol lies on the “extreme-other-end” of the spectrum from the wisdom you gain while training (all that variety of training…down the drain now T^T)

But hold up don’t get your panties in a bunch! I was just stating my mind here, merely because when I think of the K-pop stars of now, I’ll admit that the fire and drive of 1st gen/2nd gen K-pop idols aren’t as intense as those of newly debuted rookie groups. My thought? Rookie groups are still fresh off the pan – they still have that same drive they had when they were pre-debut and all they could think about was just to debut. But through time 2PM, Big Bang, 2NE1, SNSD, Suju, SHINee, etc. etc. etc. have settled into their concepts, and are owning it. They don’t have the same feeling as, let’s say, they did back in 2006/07/08/09…but they definitely have got their own style down pat by now. Current groups that are reaching that level of sophistication coupled with avant garde? Infinite, Miss A, CN Blue, B2ST, and T-ara, just to name a few. Now compare them to After School. After School will most likely never reach that same level, and that’s probably because they’re always constantly switching gears — changing members = changing concepts. But it still works for them. Change is their only constant. And that’s their style, I guess: change.

Wow okay all of this mind-jargon just from a short dance clip. I’M LOSING IT.

So y’all. Mind leaving a comment about how you feel on this topic? It’ll be cool to know what you think!

Until next time,

– Jomarie


NEW PAGE: Faceoff Friday || Ten K-Pop Groups that Should Have Been Formed

Our first ever Faceoff Friday post has been published! Click here to find out who exactly should have been grouped together.

Don’t forget to vote at the end for the group YOU think would have been the best among all of them.

As always, don’t forget to share the K-Pop love!

– Jomarie ❤



First off, a list of some profiles you can expect to be made soon:

1) Got7
2) BTS
3) AlphaBAT
4) Royal Pirates
5) Busker Busker
6) Crayon Pop
7) Akdong Musician

Second of all, we have a new “Contact Us” page. For business inquiries and to get faster (and less formal) updates, check this page out! We have a new twitter page^^

Third of all, I made some…


– Idol Siblings page

– Origins of Fan Club Names page (We’ve got new colors & fan club names for BTS and a few other new boy groups)

– Official Celebrity Accounts page (Weibo accounts to groups such as Suju, SNSD, 2NE1, Big Bang, B2ST, 2PM, M4M, Hello Venus, Juniel, NFlying, AOA, CN Blue, After School, EXO-M, Se7en, Epik High, Psy, Nu’est, 4Minute, Wondergirls, Miss A, FT Island, G.Na, JJ Project & Son Dam Bi were added, as well as the official Instagram accounts for Kris of EXO-M and a few of the girls for SNSD)

– Agencies & Record Labels page (Updated info)

– Nine Muses profile (Members changed)

– A Pink profile (Members changed)

– Speed profile (Members changed)

– Infinite profile (New photos)

– 100% profile (New photos)

– EXO-K profile (Members changed)

– KARA profile (Members changed)

– DBSK profile (Members changed)


– Jang Na Ra profile
– Han Ga In profile
– Goo Hye Sun profile
– Han Hye Jin profile
– Yoo Seung Ho profile
– LeesSang profile
– JYJ profile


(Still undergoing construction, so pardon me. Keep checking back to see how this project is turning out!)

– The Hallyu Wave, featuring a more holistic view on what goes on beyond the music. Featured pages include a Culinary Culture page (includes a Foods and Snacks page as well as an Eating Etiquette page), a Games & Quizzes page, a Wallpaper Downloads page, a K-drama page, a Fashion Fads page (includes an Ulzzang page, a Hair Transformations page, and a Styles of the Season page), and a TV Shows & Variety Programs page.  This little section I’d like to call my own. I want to move beyond the linear conventionalism (is that even a word?) of profiles and include some more fun and substantial pages. I’m really excited to see how this all turns out!

– OH YEAH. Be on the lookout for Faceoff Fridays! It’s a new page under The Hallyu Wave where we’ll be coming up with some neat scenarios and you guys get to vote! First Faceoff will be today! Check that out when it gets posted!


I’m still in the process of doing an all-over site clean up. I’m finding lots of places that need tweaking here and there. So, bare with me and be on the lookout for more future updates!

Oh yeah, and I’m going through thousands of comments to look for things that people have been requesting. Continue to comment guys! We DO look at everything you post!

Take a look around, and as always, don’t hesitate to let me know about issues or concerns.

– Jomarie


Jomarie’s Status: RETURNED

After a three year hiatus, I am here to make my return. -HOORAH- 

There are no acceptable excuses for my long period of absence, and all I can say is that I’m here now and I am beyond thrilled to be back here at SuMandu. So much has occurred within my time of disappearance, and although I may have fallen in and out of K-Pop every now and then, overall I know I have grown immensely in my love for the Hallyu wave and Korean culture. If you want to find out more about what I’ve been up to lately and know more about my story, head on over to my personal blog ( to ask me some questions, or visit my twitter page ( to inquire furthermore. 

As for right now, my hopes for expanding this site is great. I want this blog to be more holistic and to venture out into other fields of the Hallyu wave. Absolutely I plan to update old profiles, and, of course, continue creating new ones. But other things on my list also include some more hefty endeavors, such as new informational pages; additional links to reliable Korean learning websites; and references to all things K-Drama related. Moreover, I’ve had this recurring idea about establishing a new “showdown” contest that would take place once a week, every week. It would feature things such as “Top Male Vocals of this Decade”, or “Best Female Dancers”, etc. If I could insert a voting poll somewhere too, that’d be awesome! 

Okay so…this is all just a tiny glimpse of my plans for the future. In a nutshell, I’m so grateful to be back to work and pleasing our ever faithful K-Pop loving audience. Stay tuned for more, and if you haven’t already followed our blog or subscribed to our RSS feed, then DO SO NOW! That’ll definitely make sure that you are 100% always up-to-date with what’s going on-and-about here on SuMandu, the K-Pop Guru.

With that, I bid thee all a good day, and be on the lookout for some new posts and changes! Kahamsahmnida^^

Much love,

Jomarie ❤

Ze:A Profile Finished!

this group certainly has been the most requested group, and i am so very sorry it wasn’t done sooner, so i apologize. enjoy (:

miss A: Profile Page has been Posted!


i know miss A  are just rookies, but they have been number one on the charts for THREE weeks, so i thought that there wouldv’e been more things about them posted all over the net. but i was wrong, so sorry for the wait! i had a lot to dig up. haha.

and mre the new miss A lovers, their fan club is called ‘Say A!’ it’s cute, but i perfer class A. haha. oh well, i love this group despite people claiming them as booooring. i think they are feirce as heck, and definitely the best rookies out now!

if you like good girl bad girl, you should check out the girls’ page to the left! (:

you don’t know me, so shut up boy!