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ATTENTION: We’re Back Online!!!

All SuMandu-ers out there, how have you been? We’re back, and we’re ready to get this show on the road once more.

For this fall season, here’s what to expect.

1) Less idol profiles & more celebrity profiles 

– What does this mean? Simply put, our aim is to expand our audience to envelop not only Kpop groups, but actors, models, TV hosts, and Ulzzangs as well. In this sense, we hope to bring something new and fresh to the table to keep you guys — the SuMandu-ers — interested and always in-the-know, and us guys – the SuMandu Team – innovative and always up-to-date. Therefore, please anticipate some different publications in weeks to come!

2) More conversation

– Don’t forget…we have a Twitter page!! TALK to us. NAG us. FOLLOW us and let us know what it is you want to see on the site. We’re keen to developing strong, virtual relationships with our followers.

3) Updated “Hallyu Wave” Pages 

– One thing we really want to see blooming is our new “The Hallyu Wave” page. It’s been in the works for quite some while now, but now is the moment to take advantage of some great information and put it to good use! Look out for that.

And there you have it – our three initiatives. Join us in our fight to bring them to life. Come along on this journey with us, and we can grow together. SuMandu-ers, unite!

Continue to show support, and as always…don’t forget to share the Kpop love ❤

– SuMandu Team


Jomarie’s Status: RETURNED

After a three year hiatus, I am here to make my return. -HOORAH- 

There are no acceptable excuses for my long period of absence, and all I can say is that I’m here now and I am beyond thrilled to be back here at SuMandu. So much has occurred within my time of disappearance, and although I may have fallen in and out of K-Pop every now and then, overall I know I have grown immensely in my love for the Hallyu wave and Korean culture. If you want to find out more about what I’ve been up to lately and know more about my story, head on over to my personal blog ( to ask me some questions, or visit my twitter page ( to inquire furthermore. 

As for right now, my hopes for expanding this site is great. I want this blog to be more holistic and to venture out into other fields of the Hallyu wave. Absolutely I plan to update old profiles, and, of course, continue creating new ones. But other things on my list also include some more hefty endeavors, such as new informational pages; additional links to reliable Korean learning websites; and references to all things K-Drama related. Moreover, I’ve had this recurring idea about establishing a new “showdown” contest that would take place once a week, every week. It would feature things such as “Top Male Vocals of this Decade”, or “Best Female Dancers”, etc. If I could insert a voting poll somewhere too, that’d be awesome! 

Okay so…this is all just a tiny glimpse of my plans for the future. In a nutshell, I’m so grateful to be back to work and pleasing our ever faithful K-Pop loving audience. Stay tuned for more, and if you haven’t already followed our blog or subscribed to our RSS feed, then DO SO NOW! That’ll definitely make sure that you are 100% always up-to-date with what’s going on-and-about here on SuMandu, the K-Pop Guru.

With that, I bid thee all a good day, and be on the lookout for some new posts and changes! Kahamsahmnida^^

Much love,

Jomarie ❤