SISTAR & G.Na Profiles Finished! + Updated SHINee Pictures!

Okay, first off, here’s a new profile for you all. Sorry that it lacks a lot of information. It’s kinda hard to find legitimate info on these girls. If you have anything to add to the profile, let me know ASAP! Enjoy! (:



Adding to that, I also created a profile for G.Na! We were in need of more solo artist profiles anyways, kekeke. >U< Check it out, and let me know what you think, kay?


Also, I changed Onew’s picture according to the request of one person. Adding to that, I changed Minho’s picture as well, because…well…the old picture…bothered me (his hair in that photo was TERRIBLE). So anyways, nothing major. Just check it out and let me know what you think!


Okay, that’s it for today. Stay tuned, because more profiles are on their way!

- Jomarie

New Pages!! Updates!!

Hey! So I wanted to add more to this site, and so I did!

I have recently added a  new “Idol Pets” and “Switched Idol Trainees” page. You can find it under the “More K-Pop Information” tab.

On the “Idol Pets” page, you can find out the pets that K-Pop stars have. You can even see pictures of them and how many! Check it out!

Idol Pets:

On the “Switched Idol Trainees” page, you can locate what agency K-Pop artists trained under, and then what agency they switched to for their debut. Check it out also!

Switched Idol Trainees:

I have also added a new link to the “Links” page. This one is a GREAT link, and for all you K-Pop Tumblrs out there, follow this blog because it offers a lot of information on K-Pop. Check it out!

Kpop Lists:

As for other things, I have updated the discography on Rainbow’s page, so now it should be fixed and correct. I also changed the meaning behind KARA’s name. KARA does NOT stand for Korean Alchemical Reproduction Artisan, but instead it derived from the Greek word “chara”, which means “sweet melody”. So those of you wondering why KARA’s name means “Sweet Melody”, there you go! Plus, I changed and added a few, tiny little details to the Boyfriend profile. I give all the credit for these updates and fixes to a person called wateng501.

Moving on to other updates, I have decided on new profiles coming up. They are as follows:

  •  JQT
  • Brave Girls
  • Sistar19
  • G.NA
  • HAM

This is just for female duos, groups and soloists. I’ll work D-NA, DNT  and 8Eight after. Following that – if no other requests for musical artists- I should be about ready to work on actors/actresses. Wish me luck!

As a reminder, don’t forget to check out the newly added RaNia, 5Dolls and Boyfriend profile. Thanks >U<

This is slightly besides the point, but check out 2PM’s new song “Hands Up”! It’s very catchy and refreshing. I like the new concept and style, and maybe even Junho’s sexiness?! Hahaha, but anyways… WATCH IT!

Okay, so that should be about it for now. If ANYTHING AT ALL about ANY PROFILE or PAGE  is wrong, let me know as soon as possible so I can fix it. Make sure to check out the new pages and tell me what you think also! Alright, that’s it for now! (:

- Jomarie

New 5Dolls Profile!

Okay, yet again, here is ANOTHER profile. Man, I’m just on a roll today! Hehehe >,<

Anyways, you know the dealio.



- Jomarie

New RaNia Profile!!

I felt bad that the Boyfriend profile barely had anything, so I thought I would make up for it with a new profile! Preferably, RaNia? Is it me, or did NO ONE ELSE KNOW that RaNia stood for Regeneration Idol of Asia?! Haha, I guess it’s just me…

Okay, you know the deal. If there’s something wrong, let me know.

Enjoy the profile, and sorry if it’s not to your specifications! (:


- Jomarie

New Boyfriend Profile!!

Hey you guys! So after one week, I’m back with another new profile. Sadly though, I’m missing a few pieces of information for some members.

Sorry! It’s SOOO HARD to find ANYTHING on these dudes! But as soon as I learn new information, I will be sure to add it right in! And if any of you know anything, let me know!

Again, if anything is wrong or is bad, tell me! (:


- Jomarie

New Block B. Profile!!

So after I saw the teaser video for “Halo”, I freakin’ HAD to make this profile.

It’s true, I’ll admit it.


But ya knowww… -hehe- its no big deal.

So ANYWAYS, here’s the profile! I hope you all like it, and tell me if there’s anything wrong! Enjoy! >u<

Block B.:

- Jomarie

New Code-V Profile!!

Just a lil’ fun and easy one for me to make (:

They’re underrated but so talented, so I need you K-Pop lovers to check them out.



Again, if anything is wrong, tell me!

- Jomarie


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