We’re BACK! Missed Us? + Updates + New Profiles + FAQ Page? + JOIN OUR CHAT ROOM COMMUNITY!

Hey you guys! Just wanted to let you know that SuMandu and I, Jomarie, are BACK! My hiatus of three weeks is now over, and sadly I have a lot of K-Pop news to catch up on -_-” But I guess that’s what I deserve.

As I’ve mentioned before, SuMandu is back also, and she’s here to help me out. Why not say hi to her?

Anyways, here’s what has been updated.

  • I added fan club names and colors to the “Fan Club Names & Colors” page. Check it out! I added the fan club names of F.Cuz, Dalmatian,  Davichi, Lee Seung Gi, Ast’ 1, V.O.S, Kim Jong Kook, Paran, Younha, SM the Ballad, Lee Minho (Actor), Kim Bum (Actor), Jang Geun Seuk, Kim So Eun, JYJ and HoMin. I also added the club colors for V.O.S and Paran.

Fan Club Names & Colorshttps://sumandu.wordpress.com/more-k-pop-information/fan-club-names-colors/

  • I added SHINee’s debut performance date to the “Debuts” page. It is May 25, 2008.

Debuts: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/more-k-pop-information/debuts-2011/

  • I added more info about idols who switched companies under the “Switched Idol Trainees” page. I added info about Kahi from After School, Hyorin from SISTAR, and Kwangmin and Youngmin from Boyfriend on this page.

Switched Idol Trainees: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/more-k-pop-information/switched-idol-trainees/

  • I added Jeongmin and Hyeonseong’s heights on the Boyfriend profile.

Boyfriend Profile: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy-groups/boyfriend-profile/

  • I changed Kyuhyun’s height on the Super Junior profile. I also changed the positions of the Suju members. 

Super Junior Profile: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy-groups/super-junior-profile/

  • I added to Onew’s interests on the SHINee profile that he likes to eat chicken.

SHINee Profile: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy-groups/shinee-profile/

  • I changed Doojoon, Yoseob and Junhyung’s pictures under the B2ST profile. I also changed the group picture.

B2ST Profile: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy-groups/beast-b2st-profile/

Also, I created two new profiles. Check ‘em out!

Adding to that, I have decided to create a new “FAQ” page. I’m currently working on it as I speak right now…so any future questions you might have, check the FAQ page to see if your question had already been asked and answered. Wish me luck!

Last but not least, I have decided to create a new chat room for you lovely followers of SuMandu, The Kpop Guru. But here’s the catch – this chat room community only works for people who have an iTouch, iPhone or Android. So if you don’t have one, I’m sorry! You can’t join the chat room. :( However, for those of you that DO have one, here’s what you need to do to join.

  1. Go to your app store and download the free app “textPlus” (If you already have this application, then you don’t need to download it again.)
  2. After the app has finished downloading, create your own profile. 
  3. Once your profile is set to the way you like it, go to the tab “Communities” on the bottom of the screen and click on it. 
  4. Go to the search bar on top and search for the community “SUMANDU” and click on it. 
  5. Click “Become a member” and TADA! You are now ready to chat with fellow K-Pop lovers. Enjoy!

Other important news:

  • I put Bekah as a former member of After School, since she is no no longer a part of AS. T_T Also, I changed E-Young’s picture as well as Lizzy’s.

After School Profile: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/girl-groups/after-school-profile/

  • I added Kan Mi Youn’s agency to the “Agencies & Record Labels” page.

Of course if anything AT ALL –  any page, profile or update – is wrong, don’t hesitate to let us know. It will be fixed right away. Thanks!

Alright you guys, so that’s it for today. Sorry for the long hiatus, but I’m back and ready to update once more. Dont’ forget that the original guru, Sumandu, is here as well….and happy K-Pop lovin’ to you all. Buh byes for now! (:

- Jomarie

Updated Pictures + Profiles!!

What’s Been Updated:

  • MBLAQ’s Pictures
  • MBLAQ’s Info (I added Fun Facts!)
  • 2NE1′s Pictures
  • 2NE1′s Info (I added Fun Facts, Blood Types, Nicknames, Birth Places and Heights!)
  • F.T. Island’s Pictures
  • CN Blue’s Pictures

…and that’s pretty much it, haha. Anyways, check ‘em out, and tell me what you think. Thanks!

MBLAQ: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy-groups/mblaq-profile/

CN Blue: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy-groups/cn-blue-profile-2/

F.T. Island: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy-groups/ft-island-profile/

2NE1: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/girl-groups/2ne1-profile/

- Jomarie

Updated U-Kiss Pictures!

Knowing that they are my second biggest bias group, of COURSE I would have to update their pictures again to showcase their handsome-ness to the world!

Well anyways, hope you like it, and tell me what you think!

U-Kiss: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy-groups/u-kiss-profile/


Btw, if any of you know Ricky of Teen Top’s height, please let me know! I seem to be missing that fragment of information, and I can’t seem to find the info anywhere online. Thanks!

- Jomarie


You guys, as legit K-Pop fans, I think we should do this. Don’t we all agree that we need a day like this? I THINK SOOO!

So, here is the info:

August 13th this year will be WorldWide KPOP Day!!!! Help spread the awesomeness that is KPOP by:

  • Making the TVs and computers in your electronics stores play KPOP
  • Post nothing but KPOP on your personal websites
  •  Organize large Flashmobs to perform KPOP songs/dances and load them onto Youtube with the tag “WorldWide KPOP Day”
  • Have “WorldWideKPOPDay” trending on Twitter the days leading up to the BIG DAY!
  • Blare KPOP in your cars with the windows down and take pictures of the reactions of others and Tweet/upload them with tags about KPOP
  • Let’s make this a BIG Event, all over the world, every race, nationality, gender, country!!!!!!!!!!!

Check this site for the source.



Two New Pages!

You guys know I couldn’t leave you for long, kekeke.

Well, I have come back with two new -not profiles- but pages! They are “Debuts” and “Addresses of Agencies”. Just by their names you can tell they contain a lot of information! (:

The “Debuts” page contains info of k-pop groups or singers that have debuted from the years 2007 to 2011. It is sorted by years and months, and it IS quite lengthy, so beware! If you have anything to add, let me know!

Debuts: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/more-k-pop-information/debuts-2011/

The “Addresses of Agencies” page contains information of, well basically, the addresses of agencies; hence the name. Check it out if you want to know where YG Entertainment building is located or SMEnt. If anything is wrong, let me know! If you wanna add anything, let me know as well (:

Addresses of Agencies: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/more-k-pop-information/agency-labels-addresses/

Now, I only have ONE favor to ask of you. I would REALLY like to give a huge shoutout to kpoplists.tumblr.com. They deserve full credit for these two pages, and for a few other pages that we have here on this site (mostly for pages under the “MORE KPOP INFORMATION” tab). Please check them out on Tumblr and make sure to give them a big thanks!


Okay, that’s all for now. I’m gonna go again, but I’ll make sure to come back soon. Keep waiting! Hwaiting! *U*

- Jomarie


Sorry for not updating a lot!

Dear faithful followers of Sumandu,

THANK YOU FOR BEING SO KIND AND PATIENT. It’s been about a week, and I feel extremely bad that I haven’t posted up any new profiles/pages lately. The thing is, it’s my summer break, and I kinda wanted to enjoy it a bit more. Ya know, get off the computer? Kekeke…

But anyways, this is why Sumandu has been a bit desolate lately. I just wanted to apologize for not updating, and that I promise I’ll come back soon with MANY profiles. Please wait! >U<

To quench your curiosity, here are upcoming profiles:

  • JQT
  • Jewelry
  • Brave Girls
  • Dal Shabet
  • Super Junior M
  • D-NA
  • DNT
  • 8Eight

…and that’s it for now! If something changes, I’ll let ya’ll know.

So thanks again and keep waiting patiently! (: Gomawo

- Jomarie

Sistar19, HAM & Soul Harmony Profiles Finished! + Updated SHINee Profile!

Hey you guys. So again, I’ve been working overtime for you. I have created three new profiles, and I think you should check them out. You might discover something you never knew before!

Here’s the Sistar19 profile. Sorry it’s kinda lacking. If I find something new, I’ll add it as soon as possible.

Sistar19: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/duopair/sistar19-profile/

I also created a profile for HAM, so check it out as well! They’re underrated, and they deserve a bit more credit for what they do!

HAM (Heart and Mind): https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/girl-groups/ham-heart-and-mind-profile/

And last but not least, I created a new profile for the R&B/Electronic Rock duo Soul Harmony. Never heard of them before? Same here! But they seem to be really good at singing, so give them some credit!

Soul Harmony: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/duopair/soul-harmony-profile/

Lastly, to the request of one person, I have added more info to the SHINee profile. I added hobbies and interests, family relations, appearances, nick names and fun facts. Go check that out as well!

SHINee: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/boy-groups/shinee-profile/

Okay, so that’s it for now. I’ll update again real soon! Buh byes >U<

- Jomarie


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